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Types & Classification of Gemstones

Gemstone is a Natural Mineral or Organic substance which has substantial Beauty, Rarity & Durability. So, Gemstones are Rare, Beautiful & Durable. So they are precious & cherished by everyone. Gemstones are desired & appreciated for their Beauty, Healing Properties & Mystic Power. Gemstones are of two types – Organic & Inorganic.

Inorganic Gemstones are minerals formed within earth under natural conditions. Most of the gemstones are Inorganic. Organic Gemstones comes from a Living source. Pearl, Amber, Ivory, MOP and Coral are organic gemstones

Gemstones are also classified into Group, Species & Variety.

Group: Set of Chemically related Species, with properties more or less similar.

Species: set of Gemstone varieties which are chemically same & differ only on Color & Optical Phenomenon.

Variety: All Varieties that have same Chemical, Physical & Optical Properties and differ only on Color & Optical Phenomenon belong to same Species.

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