Know Pearls

Pearls are found in depth of the sea and they are a gift of nature. Pearl (known as Moti in Hindi) is a beautiful white gemstone and is known as Queen of Sea. Pearls are organic, made of Calcium Carbonate. Pearl is the lucky stone of Moon and moon signifies mental stability and psyche. The most important thing about this stone is that you can embed it in beautiful jewellery. Anyone can wear this beautiful white magical stone as it does not give malefic effect to its wearer.

Pearls are broadly categorized into fresh water & salt water Pearls. Most fresh water pearls come from China. Main types of salt water Pearls are – Akoya from Japan, Tahitian from French Polynesia & South Sea pearls are found mostly in the waters of Australia, Indonesia & Philippines.

Pearls come in various shapes. Perfect Round & Symmetrical Pearls are high on quality. Pearls comes in various colours i.e. white, silver, pink, golden, blue, black, etc. Golden Pearls are the most attractive type of pearls. Black Pearls are very desired but extremely rare and expensive. White Pearls have the highest astrological benefits. Thus, most people prefer White Pearls. Small sized pearls (up to 4 carats) are comparatively more widely available. Bigger Sized Pearls (more than 4 carats) are difficult to form.

Pearl is associated with Planet Moon as per Indian Vedic Astrology. Moon is compared to ‘Mother’ in the planetary system due to its nature. It does not have any side effects and hence anyone can wear pearl. The Basic Nature of pearls promises to Protect from evil forces & helps in cure of anxiety, aggression, emotional and metal imbalance. It brings peace and calmness. Pearl is beneficial in curing Insomnia, migraine and headaches. Pearl should be properly energized and activated when you wear it for best astrological results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pearl

Who Should Wear Pearl?

As Pearl represents auspicious & peaceful moon planet, Pearl has no side or negative effects. So, it can be worn by anyone. But people with weak moon in horoscope, should wear pearl to get benefits from this soothing and calming planet. Vedic astrology prescribes Moti ratna for Karka (Cancer) rashi. Western astrology highly recommends Pearl birthstone for Cancer sign. Pearl is also very beneficial for ascendants of Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces.

How to Wear Pearl Stone?

Pearl is worn as Ring or pendant made of silver metal. Pearl Ring is worn in Little finger on Monday. Men should wear the ring in right hand while women can wear in any hand as per choice and convenience. Only un-drilled (without hole) Pearls are effective for astrological purpose.

Which Pearl Is Best For Astrology?

South Sea, Keshi & Basra Pearls are good for Astrological Purpose. Fresh water, Cultured Pearls are not good for Astrological Purpose.

How Can You Identify Real Pearls?

There is various types of Pearls; Fresh water & Salt water Pearls. To identify whether the Pearl is cultured or real, micro radiography using X-Rays is applied.

How Much Does A Pearl Cost?

The quality and price of a Pearl depends on its origin, body-color, surface texture, lustre and shape (also called orientation). Currently, the price of Pearl in Indian starts from ₹ 700 per carat ($10 approx.) and can reach up to ₹ 2 lakh per carat ($3000). Prices in other countries like the UK, USA and UAE may vary depending upon its supply and demand ratio.

Which Country Produces The Best Quaity Pearl?

Pearl quality depends on a variety of natural factors like salinity, temperature, nutrients in sea and weather conditions. Japan and Australia are the best sources of Pearl and they provide Keshi Pearls and South Sea Pearls respectively.

Which Color Pearl Is The Most Expensive?

White Pearls are most precious & expensive. Many other colors are also available in the market.

Where To Buy Pearl?

Buy certified natural Pearl stone from only gem stone experts that provide certificates from authentic and verified laboratories. You can buy 100% natural and certified Pearls direct from the mines from Shubh Gems. Shubh Gems offers a wide range of Certified Natural Pearl and Pearl Jewellery. Shubh Gems specializes in Best Quality Certified Keshi Pearls (Japanese) and South Sea (Australian) Pearls.

Different Types of Pearls

  • Natural Pearls :

    Natural pearls form in the bodies, or mantle tissue, of certain mollusks, usually around a microscopic irritant without any human intervention of any kind. Such Pearls are rare and Expensive. Currently, Most Popular source of Natural Pearls are Japan and Australia. Keshi Pearls from Japan are the most preferred Pearl for astrology benefits. South Sea Pearls from Australia are most popular due to affordability & availability.
  • Cultured Pearls :

    The growth of cultured pearls requires human intervention and care. Cultured pearls are the result of the deliberate insertion of a bead or piece of tissue that the mollusk coats with nacre. Today, most of the mollusks used in the culturing process are raised in Ponds & Lakes for production of Pearls using advanced techniques. China produces large qualities of Cultured Pearls. They are not suitable for astrological purposes.
  • Simulants :

    Simulant Pearls are the look-alike of Pearls. They only have appearance of Pearl but their Physical, Chemical and Visual Properties differ from Natural Pearls.

Natural pearls can be separated from cultured pearls by taking X-rays to reveal their inner structures.