Pitambari / Neelambari

Pitambari/Neelambari (पीताम्बरी)

Pitambari/Neelambari are Bi Color (Yellow & Blue) variety of Sapphires. These Bi Color Sapphires have both Yellow and Blue hues in varying proportions. Sapphire with a dominant Yellow hue is called Pitambai & Sapphire with a dominant blue hue is called Neelambari. These rare varieties of Sapphires have great significance in Indian Vedic astrology. Pitambari / Neelambari is recognized as a combination of Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire) and Neelam (Blue Sapphire). These powerful astrological gemstones are recommended for financial success, good fortune, Social status & good health. The main or perhaps the only source of these Bi Color Sapphires is Ceylon, Sri Lanka.

Who should wear Pitambari Neelam Stone?

Pitambari Neelam (Neelambari) is a unique bi-color variety of Sapphire from the Corundum mineral family that contains yellow and blue hue in varying proportions. Some stones also have white color. Pitambari/Neelambari stone represents both Saturn and Jupiter planets according to Vedic astrology.

  • It is worn as a combination of both Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) and Blue Sapphire (Neelam).
  • Being a powerful astrological gemstone, it should be worn astrologically only if recommended by an astrologer after carefully analyzing the horoscope.
  • Other than Vedic astrology, it is in great demand in the jewelry industry.
  • It is also the birthstone for September along with other Sapphire stones.

How to wear Pitambari Neelam astrologically?

Carat Weight

minimum 1/12th of the wearer’s body weight (in kgs)
For example: a person weighing 60 kgs can wear a 5-carat stone.


stone with bright and clearly visible blue & yellow color combination is preferred


silver, panchdhatu and gold are recommended


as recommended by astrologer

Day & Time

Thursday or Saturday morning

Peetambari/Neelambari Benefits

Pitambari Neelam (Neelambari) carries astrological properties of two major Vedic stones i.e. Blue Sapphire and Yellow Sapphire.

Pitambari Neelam (Neelambari) bestows the wearer with wisdom, knowledge, self-confidence and the power of fair judgment. It improves focus, attentiveness and decision-making capability of its wearer. It helps the wearer attain a more disciplined, systematic, and steady approach in life.

Pitambari Neelam (Neelambari) brings fortune and fame into the wearer’s life. It helps to make the work and talent of the wearer get recognized. It also boosts the wearer’s financial status. Thus, it is an ideal stone for career growth and to polish the personality of an individual.

Pitambari Neelam (Neelambari) relieves stress, mental pressure and anxiety of its wearer and creates a joyous environment. It also treats chronic ailments like joint pains, diabetes and blood pressure.

Pitambari Neelam Quality & Price

Pitambari/Neelambari is an important variety of Sapphire. The quality and value of any stone is evaluated on certain parameters.

  • Origin-

    Pitambari Neelam (Neelambari) is a rare variety of natural Sapphire that is resourced in a very limited amount from the mines of Sri Lanka, Burma, U.S.A, Brazil and other east-Asian countries. Amongst all these origins, Ceylonese or Sri Lankan Pitambri Neelam holds an international reputation due to its exceptional clarity and distinctly visible color zoning. It is also considered the most suitable variety for astrological use. Because of the fair color and clarity, Burmese bi-color sapphire is the next most preferred choice.
  • Color-

    Pitambari/Neelambari is bi-color Sapphire with blue and yellow hues. Some stones may also have white color present in them. Proportion of the two color (yellow & blue) hues can vary from stone to stone as they are natural and rare in nature. The distinction and ratio of blue and yellow colors decides the overall worth of this gemstone. Stones that are majorly blue with tints of yellow are called Neemalbari and the stones with a higher ratio of yellow are called Pitambari. Stones with bright distinct yellow and blue hues are more valuable than stones with dull and merging hues.
  • Clarity-

    Pitambari Neelam (Neelambari) has natural feathers, rutile silk, and fingerprints inclusions and its clarity is judged by visibility of these inclusions. Gemstones with no visible inclusions are very rare and thus highly expensive. Stones with minimum or less visible inclusions are ideal for astrological purposes.
  • Cut-

    Pitambari/Neelambari is usually cut in faceted shapes like oval, rectangular, square and cushion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pitambari Neelam

Pitambari/Neelambari is the birthstone which month?

Pitambari/Neelambari is the birthstone for people born in the month of September.

What color tone of Pitambari/Neelambari is considered the best?

Highly saturated and bright colored stones with a 50-50 color ratio are most desired for astrological purposes. Bright Yellow Sapphire with hints of blue or bright Blue Sapphire with strong yellow tints are also sought after.

Pitambari/Neelambari of which origin is best for astrological purpose?

Pitambari/Neelambari is a rare stone that is limited to some parts of the world. Stones of Ceylon (Sri Lankan) origin are considered best due to their superior color and clarity as compared to other sources. Burmese stones are also popular in the market because of their fine quality.

Why is Pitambari/Neelambari a popular astrological stone?

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is associated with the planet Saturn and Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is connected to Jupiter. Astrologers don’t normally suggest wearing both stones together as it could cause adverse effects. Hence, Pitambari/Neelambari is the perfect stone as it has features and properties of both stones. It highly favours the fortune of its wearer.

What is the difference between Pitambari/Neelambari, Neelam and Pukhraj?

All the three stones are Sapphires from the Corundum mineral family. A Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is a pure, through & through yellow in color. It is associated with the planet Jupiter according to Vedic astrology. A natural Blue Sapphire (Neelam) gemstone is striking blue in color. It is associated with the planet Saturn according to Vedic astrology. A natural Pitambari/Neelambari gemstone is a mixture of Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire. If you look at the gem, you can see two colors or two tones i.e. yellow and blue. It is associated with both the planet Jupiter and the planet Saturn according to Vedic astrology.

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