Gemstone Buying Guide

Gemstone Buying Guide

Which Gemstone to wear

Gemstone can be worn for Astrological or Jewellery purpose. If you not sure about which astrological gemstone to wear, you can consult our expert astrologers online. Our experts recommend gemstone based on your birth chart in Vedic astrology.

How to select Gemstone

First, decide on the carat/Ratti weight suitable for you.

1 Carat = 0.200 Gram

Select preferred shape out of available shapes like; Oval, Cushion, Square, Rectangular etc.

Look for Gemstone within the budget as gemstone price range can be very wide; from very low to very high as per the quality (Origin, Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat & Uniqueness). Pricing of Gemstones is a matter of comparison of their quality.

So, our Gem Experts carefully grade Gemstones on all quality parameters & price them respectively.

Most Natural Gemstones have inclusions and the ones with no visible inclusions are extremely rare & expensive. So, select best possible gemstone within your budget. Highly included gemstones with dark inclusions, cracks & low transparency are cheap but not preferred for astrological purpose. Gemstones with less visible inclusions & good transparency are ideal for astrological purpose. Our Gemstone Experts guide you to select the best gemstones within your budget.

To be careful about

Always buy certified natural, untreated gemstone for astrological purpose. Unethical & unfair practices in the market lead to sale of synthetic, treated & artificial stones. Be advised to buy gemstone from reputed dealers only.

Many dealers offer buy back policies to boost sales, where used stones are taken back & sold again. Ideally, astrological gemstone should not be used by anyone before.

Gemstones are often treated to enhance their appearance & sold at much higher price. Few Common treatments are Heating, Dying, Glass Filling etc. It is not ethical to sell treated gemstone without disclosing it to the customer. Such treated gemstones may appear better, but not beneficial for astrological purpose. Gemstone Certificate from reputed laboratory always mentions if any treatment is present.

Shubh Gems deal in untreated & 100 % Natural gemstones & all is clearly mentioned on the Certificate provided with the gemstone. Customer is free to get it cross checked from any laboratory of his choice & we provide full guarantee of same.

How to wear Gemstone

Make gemstone in appropriate metal as each Astrological gemstone is assigned with specific metals in respect to the planet it represents in Vedic astrology. Wear activated & energized astrological gemstones as per Vedic rules for best results.

We turn your loose gemstone into jewellery in the best possible way. Our astrologers also activate & energize it based on your birth details & make it ready for you.

Not Sure of Which Gemstone to Wear ?