Star Ruby

Star Ruby

Star Ruby displays a beautiful bright star which shimmers under a single source of light. The star-like effect is caused by the light reflecting from small needle-like rutile inclusions aligned at a particular angle. This unique optical phenomenon called ‘asterism’ is found only in a very small percentage of Ruby. The three rays of light that make up the star symbolize hope, wisdom and inner-peace. Star Ruby is also an incredible healing stone used for mental well-being and to maintain physical health.

Star Ruby Quality & Price

The quality and value of any stone is evaluated on certain parameters.

  • Origin -

    Naturally occurring Star Ruby is principally mined in Sri Lanka, Burma, India and Africa. The deep red colour Star Ruby mined in Burma called Mogok Star Ruby is highly desired and valuable. Burmese mines produce the best quality stones but the mines have a low availability of Star Ruby. Thus, Star Ruby from Sri Lanka, India and Africa is more commercially sought after.
  • Colour -

    Star Rubies range in colour from pinkish-red to orangish-red to purplish-red to brownish-red. It is very difficult to find a perfectly coloured Star Ruby as the distribution of colour is often uneven in stripes or spots. Stones having a pure red colour with a hint of violet or blue called ‘pigeon-blood’ Star Ruby are regarded as the most valuable color variety.
  • Clarity -

    Star Rubies have needle-like rutile inclusions that cause the star phenomenon in them. An ideal Star Ruby would have enough inclusions for a well-defined star without compromising the stone’s transparency but even the best quality Star Rubies appear translucent to opaque.
  • Cut -

    Star Rubies are typically cut in smooth domed cabochon shape to bring out the star effect. Cuts which have a bright properly oriented star are highly rare and valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Star Ruby

Star Ruby is the birthstone for which month?

Star Ruby is the birthstone of people born in the month of July.

Which country produces the best natural Star Ruby?

Naturally occurring Star Ruby is primarily mined in Sri Lanka, Burma (Myanmar), India and Africa. Star Rubies from Burma are the most valuable as they have a brilliant red hue and distinctly visible star. The deep red colour Burmese Star Ruby called Mogok Star Ruby is the most sought after variety. Natural Star Ruby is not widely mined in Burma; thus its commercial availability is low.

Who can wear Star Ruby?

Star Ruby is the rarest of all Rubies and is highly desired for its uniqueness and brilliant colour. It is not an astrological stone, so it can be worn without the recommendation of an astrologer. It is a healing stone offering multiple benefits for physical and mental well-being. There are no restrictions or limitations in wearing it.

What causes the star-like effect (asterism) in Star Rubies?

Star Rubies have tiny needle-like rutile inclusions arranged in three sets of parallel needles that intersect one another at 60 degree angles. The star-effect or ‘asterism’ is an optical phenomenon caused by light reflecting from the rutile silk inclusions. This is due to the relatively higher refractive index of the material of the Ruby than that of the tiny fibers of rutile. Additionally, the star is most visible when illuminated with a single light source such as a flashlight or bright sunlight. The star also moves across the stone as the light moves.

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