Moldavite is Natural forest Green to Olive-Green colored stone from Tektite family. It was formed by impact of meteorites few million years ago and deposits are still present in Czech Republic. Moldavite is very rare & claimed to be ‘the only known alien gemstone on Earth’ or ‘the gemstone born from the stars’. It is high vibration stone with metaphysical properties which makes it highly sought-after by healing enthusiasts. Moldavite is a stone of transformation that can speed up your spiritual awakening and personal growth. It protects from negative energies & the evil eye and also safeguards against upcoming hazards. Moldavite helps you connect with extraterrestrial energy and consciousness. Due to rarity and very high demand, fake Moldavite stones are also widely sold in the market.

Who should wear Moldavite?

  • Moldavite is a healing crystal that can be worn by anyone to receive its benefits.
  • It does not have any side effects or ill effects.
  • You do not need to consult a horoscope or get a recommendation from an astrologer to wear Moldavite.

How to wear Moldavite stone?

It can be worn in a pendant or can be simply placed in your handbag, Office, Living room or Bed Room. Moldavite can also be used while meditating.

Moldavite Benefits

  • Helps to rediscover the true capabilities of oneself.
  • Provides protection from enemies & evil-eye.
  • Boosts confidence and luck.
  • Aids Transformation & Spiritual Awakening.
  • Helps in achieving a higher perspective and bringing you closer to the divine forces.
  • Stimulates love & respect from people around you.

Moldavite Quality

Moldavite is unique stone for its forest green colour and intricate ruffled surface. The bright & clear stones are preferred to dull & included stones. The stones with undertones of brown, grey & black are not liked. Low Quality stones are dark, highly included, small- sized chipped wastage of bigger rocks.

Moldavite Price

Moldavite is extremely rare stone and eventually going to run out. So, the price keeps going up over time. Moldavite has become very popular within the crystal healing community over the last few years. Due to increased demand, the source is rapidly exhausting and hence the prices are increasing sharply with time. Moldavite price also depends on quality. Bright green stones with good transparency are more valuable as compared to dull & included stones with brown tint.

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Moldavite collection

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