Aquamarine is a natural Light Blue to Greenish Blue to Vivid Blue color variety of Beryl mineral species. The name ‘Aquamarine’ comes from its color range similar to sea water. Finest quality Aquamarine is sourced mainly from Brazil. Aquamarine Quality is judged by its color tone/saturation, transparency & luster. Aquamarine stones with bright vivid blue & high luster are precious & expensive too. Aquamarine is Water element stone with a cleansing and calming aura. Aquamarine is March Birthstone as per Western Astrology. Aquamarine symbolizes tranquility, serenity & harmony.

Who should wear Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a light blue-green transparent variety of the Beryl mineral family. Aquamarine’s sea-blue color has caught the attention of many people. It is an amazing stone for those who are drawn to the cleansing energy of water.

  • It is the birthstone of people born in the month of March.
  • Western astrology associates this stone with the zodiac Pisces.
  • It is not an Astrological stone, so it can be worn without the recommendation of an astrologer.
  • There are no restrictions or limitations in wearing it. It can be worn by any person irrespective of age and gender. You can wear it any time, any day, for as long as you want to get the benefits.
  • One should wear crystals as per their own requirement and purpose.

How to wear Aquamarine stone?

  • Healing crystal should be 100% Natural. Crystals of bright color & better clarity are more efficient & effective than dull & poor quality crystals.
  • Crystals which are heated, treated, artificially colored, highly included, cracked or damaged are not considered good for healing purposes.
  • You can wear it in a Ring, Pendant or Bracelet made of silver or any metal of your choice.
  • Shaped & Polished stones are good to wear.
  • One should wear a minimum 1/10 of body weight i.e 1 carat per 10 kgs of body weight.
  • If you prefer not to wear it, you can also keep it in your home, office or any space where you spend most of your time. Raw, Tumbled, Energy wands/Points, Spherical or any natural shaped crystals are preferred to be placed. The size or weight of a crystal depends on the size of space, where the crystal is to be placed so that the entire place is covered with healing energy.
  • Properly activated & energized crystals provide better results.

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Aquamarine Benefits

Aquamarine is recognized for its calming & cleansing aura. In ancient times, it was said that sea merchants would carry Aquamarine in their pockets to protect them from the fear of drowning.

Aquamarine enhances intelligence, wisdom and creativity. It is a great stone for learners. It opens your mind to learn new things faster and excel at it.

Aquamarine is related to truth. It helps to reveal secrets that are around the wearer and saves them from conspiracies. Couples who wear Aquamarine stone during courtship period each other in the true sense.

Aquamarine helps in overcoming pain, grief and fear from the past. Aquamarine also enhances tolerance and sustainability within a new environment.

Aquamarine Quality & Price

The quality and value of any stone is evaluated on certain parameters.

  • Origin -

    The main sources of Aquamarine are Brazil, Madagascar & Zambia. Stones mined from Brazil are regarded best due to their fine blue hue and transparency.
  • Color -

    Aquamarine has all the colors of sea water. Its shades range in color from greenish-blue to pastel blue to blue-green. Aquamarine of pure and bright blue color is regarded best. Stones with green, yellow and brown tints are less valuable.
  • Clarity -

    Natural Aquamarine stones like most stones have fingerprints and fluid inclusions. Some stones have a characteristic inclusion that appears like falling rain. Stones free of eye visible inclusions are considered the best quality and most valuable.
  • Cut -

    Aquamarine is cut to bring out its potential beauty. Premium quality stones are preferred to be cut in faceted oval, cushion, round and other fancy shapes. Highly included or less transparent stones are generally cut as cabochon.

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