The word Astrology comprises the Greek word ‘ Astron’ meaning stars and ‘ Logos’ meaning philosophy or reason. Thus, the world Astrology means study of the Stars. The world ‘stars’ when used Astrology means the Sun, Moon and the planets in the solar system of the Earth. These heavenly bodies emit heat, light, magnetism, electricity and various other different forms of energy which profoundly influence life on the Earth. The relative change in the position of the sun on account of the Earth revolving around it and the consequent change in the seasons. The Moon being nearest to Earth exercises more influence, and as she waxes and wanes, the rivers swell, tides of the sea rise and fall and animals and plants get affected.

The beginning of Astrology in India is rooted in ancient times when man started correlating this activities with planetary movements. And thus gradually , the Science of predictive Astrology was born. In ancient times, Astrology was practiced in India both by saints and kings alike.

People often confuse Astrology with fortune-telling and think of it as some black magic or witchcraft, which it most certainly is not. In actual fact, Astrology is a tool both for self-understanding and self-development. Contrary to common understanding, Astrology is not fatalistic for it really says that once you understand the dynamic forces at work in your life, you can use the knowledge to take destiny in your own hands. Astrology does not give us absolute predictions but tells the indications, potentials and tendencies. A man can use this knowledge to enhance his good and constructive qualities and discard the bad ones and can also choose his time of action and inaction as it is rightly said that knowledge is power’, so this power of knowledge may take him to higher grounds. The hindi term for the word, ‘Astrology’ is Jyotish. The word ‘ Jyotish’ in turn emanates from the word ‘Jyoti’ which means Light. Thus, Astrology or Jyotish only illuminates what is in store for us, nothing more, nothing less. It is for us to use this knowledge to improve our life. The predictions are based upon intelligent guesswork made after considering the astrological indications and the circumstances of the matter. Thus, such predictions need to be treated with discretion.

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