Gemini: Ultimate Birthstone Guide

Gemini: Ultimate Birthstone Guide

Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac cycle. The planet Mercury rules the zodiac Gemini.

The main element of Gemini is the Air. The symbol of this zodiac is a pair of celestial twins, representing the Gemini’s joy in embracing the dual nature of being.

A fearless thinker, a Gemini is always down to try something new. Geminis are excellent at guiding change and transformation. Their easy-going nature and quick curiosity can sweep people off their feet and thus they can often be found surrounded by a crowd of friends. They are alsoterrific pioneers, using their energy to spearhead innovative creative projects.

A Gemini birthstone can change the life of a Gemini in a positive way. If you belong to this zodiac and are keen to know what the birthstone is for a Geminithen this is an article just for you.

What is the Birthstone for Gemini?

According to Vedic Astrology, Emerald is the ultimate birthstone for the rashi Mithin (Gemini). Emerald’s sparkling and twinkling green color has been enchanting royalty, jewelry makers and philosophers for centuries. Emerald helps to fulfil the desire of Geminis and bring them success in life. It bestows them with the power of overcoming all the troubles and shortcomings ahead. It also helps to negate the excess stress.

According to Western Astrology, Pearl is the stone for the sun sign Gemini. Pearls have long been a source of pure fascination. This stone is said to represent duality in life and encourages balance in life making it the perfect match for a Gemini. It brings peace, positivity, mental strength, emotional stability and good health to the wearer.

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Other Lucky Stones for Gemini sign

The above two stones are gauranteed to fill your life with joy, good fortune, prosperity and provide you a healthy body and mind. But if the above stones do not appeal to you or/and you are looking for something specific or/and you are looking for mild healing stones, then you can choose from the stones given below. Choose in accordance to your needs in life and the circumstances you are going through.

Agate: This stone can enhance the creative side of Geminis. It also helps to improve the qualities of responsibility, judiciousness, decision making power and attentiveness that most of the Geminis lack.

Citrine: This stone represents the joyous personality of the highly sociable Gemini.

Moonstone: This stone works wonders with the indecisive Gemini nature.

Tiger's Eye: This stone is is a protective cloak and helps the Gemini to stay grounded. It has the ability to save Geminis from the slander, gossip and excessive jealousy.

Where to buy your birthstone?

Always buy your stones after consulting an astrologer for astrological purposes. Always buy your stones whether for fashion or astrological needs only from a gem stone expert who deals in 100% pure and authentic stones. Always get a certificate from reputed labs with your stone.

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Personalised Gemstone Consultation

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