agate ( सुलेमानी हकीक )

agate ( सुलेमानी हकीक )

Agate Gemstone ( सुलेमानी हकीक )

  • A grounding stone with excellent cleansing effects for emotional, physical and intellectual balance.
  • Beneficial for Emotional trauma, self-confidence, concentration, negative energy, digestive system, eyes stomach, uterus, pancreas also in improving skin disorders.
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Benefits of wearing Agate stone

Agate stone is considered as one of the oldest gemstones that are widely used in jewellery. Many people are curious to know what are the healing properties of agate and what does agate help with?

Agate gemstone is a part of Chalcedony family. This gemstone has many eye markings or tinge of colour on it. People can use it in gifts and jewellery pieces.

Types of Agate stone

Agate stone is available in different colours including:

Purple agate, Green agate stone, Pink Agate, White agate gemstone, Blue and Red agate stone. All these different types of agate stone have different properties and effects changed as per their colour. One can wear different colours of this gemstone and get it embedded in agate stone ring.

Benefits of Agate stone

  • This gemstone might be used to calm the pulse and it also ensures the overall health and well-being of the wearer.  It gives a prosperity and longevity in life.
  • It is believed that agate stone can protect you from danger and mishappenings. This gemstone helps you to see the world from a liberal perspective.
  • People who are suffering from insomnia should wear this stone. It is said that due to its calming nature it helps to generate positive dreams.
  • Agate stone brings positivity and peace in life. After wearing this stone, you can easily adapt and accept the situations.
  • Wearing agate gemstone will give you peace, calmness and appreciation without any hurdle.
  • After wearing the agate stone ring, the wearer becomes more efficient and stronger. It also strengthens your body and enhances the functioning of metabolism.
  • Those natives who are suffering from sleep disorders and sleep apnea should wear agate gemstone.
  • If you hold the agate over your stomach then it can help with ailments in and around the stomach. It will improve your digestion. Agate stone will be helpful in reflux or indigestion problem.
  • Agate stone is very beneficial for health as it protects against kidney disease. This gemstone can help in strengthening blood vessels and heal skin ailments.
  • Agate gemstone is not only beneficial for your health but it also safeguards your relationship. Pink agate is considered as a stone of love and bond. It develops a strong bond between lovers and parents and the child.
  • It has the power to remove emotion disharmony between relations. It dispatches negative thoughts from your mind and you get focused on providing the solutions for your problems.
  • Every person facing tough times in their relationship but if you hold agate stone around you then it will help to remain calm and positive.
  • People who are seriously working on the betterment of their relationship should consider using and applying the valuable agate stone.

How to use Agate stone

If you want to get benefits of agate gemstone then you can embed natural and high-quality agate stone in a ring and wear it in the middle finger of the right hand. Nowadays, agate stone jewellery also has become so popular and trendy.

Where to buy Agate stone in Delhi?

It is said that only natural and high-quality gemstone can give you its energies and benefits. Synthetic and cultured gemstone has no use and celestial powers. So, it is very necessary for you to wear a natural agate stone.

You can easily find natural and original agate gemstone at Shubh Gems. They are dealing in certified Natural Agate. Shubh gems provided gemstones certified by Government registered Laboratory.

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