How to check the quality of Lehsunia stone in Gurgaon?

Lehsunia stone is associated with Ketu planet. This planet bestows the wearer with spiritualism, asceticism and detachment from worldly desires. If you are going to buy Cat’s eye stone in Gurgaon then you must be aware about how you can check the quality of the gemstone because nowadays selling of fake and a cultured stone is common in the market. It is also known as Cat’s eye stone.

Ketu’s association with Lehsunia stone:

In Vedic astrology, Ketu is the ruling planet of Lehsunia gemstone. Ketu is considered a half planet that gives wisdom, spiritual knowledge, discrimination power and the knowledge of the self.

Ketu is called shadow planet and image of earth. Ketu’s gemstone Lehsunia is beneficial for risk takers and for those who are involved in speculation matters. Cat’s eye stone should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand.

Identification of Lehsunia stone

How to identify real/synthetic Cat’s eye stone:

  • Keep a cat’s eye gemstone in a dark place. If its shines like the eyes of a cat then it means the gemstone is real.
  • Rub it on a cloth, if it is real then its brilliance increases.

Physical properties of Lehsunia stone:

Colour of Cat’s eye stone:

One can judge the quality of Lehsunia ratna by the display of chatoyancy effect.  This gemstone is available in wide range of colours like yellow to yellowish green, greyish green to brown and brownish yellow.

Cut of Lehsunia gemstone:

The original chrysoberyl rough must be cut in a manner that highlights the Lehsunia stone effect. A very skilful and experienced lapidarist is needed to cut this gemstone.  Best shapes of this gemstone are oval and round.

How to choose cat’s eye stone in carat?

In gemstone market, commonly used size of the gem is between 0.10 carat and 3.00 carats. Large cat’s eye stone are rare and are of higher value.

Clarity of the Cat’s eye stone:

Clarity of the gemstone is also very important. Usually, the nature of this gemstone is milky in appearance. Transparent ones are rarely found.

How to buy real Lehsunia stone in Gurgaon?

In gemstone market of Gurgaon, many sellers sell cultured and synthetic Lehsunia stone to earn more money. But as a buyer these synthetic cat’s eye stone have no use and astrological benefits. Therefore, you must choose authentic and reliable manufacture of gemstones that also supply Lehsunia stone in Gurgaon.

Always ask for Lab certificate from the manufacturer, as this document will help you to know about the origin, type, cut and colour of the gemstone.

Where to buy real Cat’s eye stone in Gurgaon?

People who are looking for authentic and authorized sellers of gemstones in Gurgaon can check wide variety of gemstones and Lehsunia stone on Shubh Gems website. You can also visit their outlet in Delhi.

They directly import natural and real gemstones from mines. So, there is no chance to doubt the quality and authenticity of their gemstones. You will also get the Lab certificate of Lehsunia stone and other gemstones. This will include even the minutest information about the gemstone. 

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