All About Moldavite

All About Moldavite

Moldavite is claimed to be ‘the only known alien gemstone on Earth’ or ‘the gemstone born from the stars’. The meaning of Moldavite is transformation, fortune, and protection.

Moldavite is a natural, very rare, forest green to olive-green colored stone from Tektite family. It was formed by impact of meteorites few million years ago as it created the perfect environment required. Moldavite can only formed by the fusion of terrestrial-silica under intense heat and pressure conditions.

The chemical formula of Moldavite is SiO2 + Al2O3. Its properties are similar to that of silica glass. Its hardness on Mohs scale varies from 5.5 to 7. Moldavite stone can be transparent or translucent green with bubbles and swirls.

Currently, the only known source for Moldavite is the Czech Republic. Moldavite was formed about 15 million years ago in the crater in the Czech Republic due to the impact of meteoroid in the past. Moldau River in Czech River has large deposits of these stones.

Moldavite is extremely rare stone and eventually going to run out. Due to increased demand, the source is rapidly exhausting and hence the prices are increasing sharply with time. Thus, due to these reasons, fake Moldavite stones are also widely sold in the market. Counterfeiters are finding innovative techniques to produce synthetic Moldavite and to dupe unsuspecting buyers. The identification of a fake Moldavite is quite difficult in most cases.

Who can wear Moldavite

  • Moldavite is a healing crystal that can be worn by anyone to receive its benefits.
  • It does not have any side effects or ill effects.
  • You do not need to consult a horoscope or get a recommendation from an astrologer to wear Moldavite.
  • Moldavite is not a traditional birthstone meaning that all zodiac signs can make the most of this glimmering green and a transcendental gem.
  • As it is born from the stars, it carries energy for each zodiac sign within its power.

It can be worn in a pendant or can be simply placed in your handbag, office, living room or bed room. Moldavite can also be used while meditating.

Benefits of Moldavite

It is high vibration stone with metaphysical properties which makes it highly sought-after by healing enthusiasts.

  • Moldavite is a stone of transformation that can speed up your spiritual awakening and personal growth.
  • Moldavite balances the Heart Chakra. It gives immense control over your emotion and desires. It protects heart health and maintains the overall fitness of human body.
  • Moldavite can also be used to open up your third eye chakra which can strengthen your psychic abilities.
  • Moldavite helps you connect with extraterrestrial energy and consciousness, thus it is used as a guiding stone. It has the power to transmit psychic messages from your guarding angels.
  • It protects from negative energies & the evil eye and also safeguards against upcoming hazards. It is said that keeping a Moldavite piece in your locker or almirah protects your belongings from loss and burglary.
  • Moldavite helps you to rediscover the true capabilities of oneself.
  • It also boosts confidence and luck of its wearer.
  • Moldavite is known to stimulate love & respect from people around you.

How to identify Fake Moldavite?


Natural Moldavite had a dull mossy green colour. If you encounter a vibrant-green colour Moldavite, it is most likely a fake one, created using the green synthetic glass.


Natural Moldavite has abundant inclusions like bubbles, thread-like inclusions, etc. Moldavites can be distinguished from green glass imitations by observing their worm-like inclusions. These worm-like inclusions are called Lechatelierite. This is a major identifying feature of a natural Moldavite.


Natural Moldavite has a dull lustre. If you observe the wet-looking shiny surface of Moldavite, it is most definitely a fake one.


A Rough Moldavite with a symmetrical pattern on the surface is essentially a fake one.

How to buy Natural Moldavite stone?

Moldavite is definitely a good investment for those looking to leap higher and further in a quicker time. Moldavite is a rare and magical experience.

One should always buy Moldavite from a gemstone expert with substantial experience. Always insist for a laboratory certificate from a reputed institute while buying Moldavite to ensure that the stone is 100% natural and authentic.

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