March Birthstone: Aquamarine

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Birthstones have their roots in ancient astrology. Birthstones are gemstones that are associated with the month of one’s birth based on the planetary positions. Wearing your birthstone brings you good luck, good health, and protection. Each of the 12 months of the calendar has a unique birthstone and each stone has a unique meaning and significance.

The month of March begins with Mother Nature shedding her winter coat and brings sweet notes of spring with blooming flowers. A March child is always looking at the positive side of things. No matter which path they choose to follow in their life, they will have a bright future with their modern birthstone as their guiding light.

Bringing prosperity and the promise of a new life with the onset of spring, the March birthstone is the beautiful Aquamarine which is the ocean turned from water into stone. This gemstone represents deep courage, tranquility, serenity, clarity and harmony.

Aquamarine birthstone brings to mind fresh seawater. Everything about it swirls around water i.e. its name, its beautiful blue color and its meaning. This lucky gemstone with sparkling sea hues is known for its immediate calming nature.

Read on to find out more about this amazing March Birthstone.

The Calming Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a beautiful light blue-green variety of the Beryl mineral family. The Beryl family includes some of the most popular and valuable gemstones. All Beryl crystals have essentially the same crystal structure, but they vary in chemical composition.

Aquamarine’s sea-blue color has caught the attention of many people. It has exclusive transparency and clarity which is very visually appealing and stunning to behold.

Aquamarine has all the colors of sea water ranging from greenish-blue to pastel blue to blue-green. The reflective properties of this transparent blue mineral are connected to how the sky is reflected on the sea surface.

There are several places around the world where Aquamarine is mined, but the most precious stones come from the Latin landscape of Brazil.

Aquamarine’s folklore has strong connections to the sea. This blue-green stone is said to be the treasure of the mermaids.

History & Folklore

The name Aquamarine is derived from the words ‘aqua’ meaning water and ‘marine’ meaning sea which translates to sea water. It is said by many to be an antidote to poison, a mermaid’s spell and a talisman.

Both ancient Greeks and Romans believed Aquamarine to be the sacred stone of their respective Sea Gods. Sea merchants would carry Aquamarine in their pockets to protect them from the fear of drowning as they believed that the stone would create a calm sea for those during travel. It was also found to help with sea-sickness. Fishermen would carry Aquamarine while fishing as they believed that it would bring them a good catch and thereby good fortune and prosperity.

Ancient Egyptians adored the blue hues of Aquamarine and used it as a symbol of happiness and youth. Amulets made of this stone were often worn for pain relief and good health by the people of that era.

In 1963, the Brazil Government gifted first lady Eleanor Roosevelt a beautiful dark blue Aquamarine which is now housed at the Franklin Roosevelt Museum in New York.

'Dom Pedro' is the largest faceted Aquamarine gemstone weighing 10,363 carats. It was mined in 1980 in Brazil, faceteded by a German lapidary in 1992 and is currently in the National Museum of Natural History, Washington. The discovery of this stone has increased the popularity of Aquamarine in the modern era.

Benefits of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is linked to the throat chakra. It helps with any form of communication that brings fear; whether public speaking or simply stating your needs to friends and family.

Aquamarine brings prosperity, good luck and fortune in the lives of the wearers. It enhances intelligence, wisdom and creativity making it a great stone for learners. It is also called the Stone of Courage as it builds inner strength and soft resilience.

Aquamarine is an amazing stone for those who are drawn to the cleansing energy of water. It helps in overcoming pain, grief and fear from the past. It also enhances tolerance and sustainability within a new environment.

Aquamarine is related to truth. It helps to reveal secrets that are around the wearer and saves them from conspiracies. Couples who wear Aquamarine stone during courtship period get to know each other in the true sense.

Aquamarine brings wellness back to every corner of the body as 70% of the human body is made up of water. It boosts the immune system, helps to regulate hormones and washes away residual toxicity. It is very beneficial in soothing sore throats, bringing down swollen glands, and helping with any kind of thyroid problem.

Final Thoughts on Aquamarine

Whether seeking for the freedom of expression, looking for guidance out of toxic situations, or wanting to feel the surge of the ocean close to the heart, Aquamarine is always ready to help you move with the flow. This sparkling stone is an elixir of life and provides the nurturing one may need in life.

If you are someone born in March, Aquamarine is a beautiful stone to bring into your life and help you step out of the shadows and into the light. If you know someone born in March, gifting them their birthstone will sweep them off their feet and fill their life with pure water energy.

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