Aquamarine is light Blue – Green, Transparent variety of Beryl mineral family. The name ‘Aquamarine’ comes from its color range similar to sea water. Aquamarine is Birthstone of March month. Aquamarine is water element stone with cleansing and calming aura.
Who should wear Aquamarine stone?

Aquamarine is associated with planet Saturn in vedic astrology. It is worn to to strengthen weak Saturn that can hamper wearer’s decision-making power, financial conditions and psychological health.

  • Indian astrology recommends Beruj stone for Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbha (Aquarius) rashi.
  • Western astrology prescribes aquamarine birthstone for Aries sun sign.
  • Ascendants of Gemini, Virgo and Taurus can also wear aquamarine gem.
How to wear Aquamarine Gemstone?
Carat Weight Minimum 1/10th of the body weight. For e.g. – a person weighing 60 kgs can wear 6 carat aquamarine.
Color For astrological purposes, aquamarine should be clean, transparent and aqua-blue in color.
Metal Silver is highly recommended. Alternatively, white gold and platinum can also be preferred.
Finger Middle finger of the working hand.
Day & Time Saturday morning between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.
Mantra 'Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’, ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः ।
Aquamarine Benefits

Aquamarine is recognized for its calming & cleansing aura. Indian astrology also recommends this gemstone as an astrological substitute (upratna) of Blue Sapphire.

Aquamarine stone is a very beneficial stone without any side-effects. Aquamarine enhances Intelligence, Wisdom and Creativity. Aquamarine helps in overcoming pain, grief and fear from the past. It is a great stone for learners. It opens your mind to learn new things faster and excel at it. Couples should wear Aquamarine stone during courtship period. This helps them to understand each other in true sense. Aquamarine is related to truth. More and more secrets and truths are revealed to you after you wear this stone. The truth can be regarding you or regarding your surroundings. It saves from conspiracies at the workplace or in Family. Aquamarine is also the Birthstone for March. Aquamarine also enhances tolerance and sustainability within new environment.

Aquamarine Quality

Aquamarine quality considers its origin, color & clarity.

Origin - The main sources of Aquamarine are Brazil, Madagascar & Zambia. Brazilian stones are regarded best due to their fine blue hue & transparency.

Color - Aquamarine of pure & bright blue color is regarded best. However, stones with Green, Yellow & Brown tints are less valuable.

Clarity - Natural Aquamarine generally has fingerprints & fluid inclusions. The visibility of these inclusions determine its clarity.

Aquamarine Price

Aquamarine gemstone price depends on its color. Origin, cut & clarity. Aquamarine price per carat starts from ₹ 900 ($15) per carat and can go up to ₹15,000 ($200) per carat and even above, depending upon the quality.

Origin - Aquamarine of Brazil origin is best in quality. Brazilian stones have intense blue hue & better transparency.

Color - Aquamarine is known for its range of colors similar to sea water. The gemstones with intense blue hue are preferred over stones with tints of green, grey or brown.

Cut - Gemstone is cut to bring out its potential beauty. A fine cut Aquamarine stone looks bright & consistently colored. Premium quality stones are preferred to be cut in faceted Oval, Cushion, Round & other fancy shapes. Highly Included or less transparent stones are generally cut as cabochon. Highly Faceted stones are more expensive due to losses incurred in the process.

Clarity - Natural aquamarine has characteristic inclusion that appears like falling rain. The best quality Gemstones are free of eye visible inclusions. Highly included stones are less valuable.

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