Aries: Ultimate Birthstone Guide

Aries: Ultimate Birthstone Guide

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac cycle. The planet Mars rules the zodiac Aries.

The main element of Aries is Fire. The symbol of this zodiac is a ram, representing the nature of an Aries who loves to dive headfirst into even the most challenging situations.

Aries has a zest for being number one. They are always up for a little healthy competition and ever driven to success. They are all up for taking a leap into the unknown. They are passionate, brimming with life and have a glorious big heart.

A Aries birthstone can change the life of a Aries in a positive way. If you belong to this zodiac and are keen to know what the birthstone is for a Aries then this is an article just for you.

What is the Birthstone for Aries?

According to Vedic Astrology, Red Coral is the ultimate birthstone for the rashi Mesh (Aries). Red Coral is organic gemstone formed under the sea by marine creatures. Red Coral is a warrior stone that reminds us of the beauty that is stashed deep within us all. The cosmic rays of coral gemstone can help enhance all the aspects of an Aries native. It can help them overcome the obstacles in their lives and achieve prosperity, success and happiness.

According to Western Astrology, Bloodstone is the stone for the sun sign Aries. Bloodstone symbolises vitality and empowerment. It clears out negative energy and brings out the best in you. Aries loves to charge forth and conquer and this stone keeps them on this direct path without losing their footing. It is also a great strengthening tonic for the lower chakras.

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Other Lucky Stones for Aries sign

The above two stones are gauranteed to fill your life with joy, good fortune, prosperity and provide you a healthy body and mind. But if the above stones do not appeal to you or/and you are looking for something specific or/and you are looking for mild healing stones, then you can choose from the stones given below. Choose in accordance to your needs in life and the circumstances you are going through.

Jasper: This grounding stone is the perfect match for the restless and impatient Aries.

Jade: This stone helps with the sometimes self-centric nature of the Aries and grows their capacity to love and trust

Green Aventurine: This stone helps the Aries to lift up the mood of Aries and embrace deeper more connected relationships.

Blue Topaz: This stone help the Aries to take a pause in life and not spend endless energy chasing the next thing.

Where to buy your birthstone?

Always buy your stones after consulting an astrologer for astrological purposes. Always buy your stones whether for fashion or astrological needs only from a gem stone expert who deals in 100% pure and authentic stones. Always get a certificate from reputed labs with your stone.

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Personalised Gemstone Consultation

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