White Zircon

White Zircon

Natural Zircon Stone

  1. Zircon is Natural Gemstone with High Refractive Index & Dispersion Value. Zircon comes in various colors.
  2. Zircon is often confused with man-made Cubic Zirconia (American Diamond), also called Zircon or Jarkan in trade.
  3. Colorless Zircon looks similar to Diamond because of high Brilliance & Color flashes called Fire.
  4. Zircon is Birthstone of December Month & worn for Astrological Benefits too.
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Zircon Stone Price Facts, Properties & Benefits

Zircon Stone Facts

Zircon is a Natural mineral belonging to the group Nesosilicates. The Color of Zircon may Vary from Colorless, Green, Red, Brown, Golden-Yellow & more. Zircon is also called ‘Jarkan’ in Hindi.
This stone is perhaps most misunderstood Gemstone. It is often confused with Cubic Zirconia (CZ), which is a man-made material.
Zircon may contain radioactive traces of Uranium and Thorium. Due to internal Radioactivity, The Crystal structure may get modified, resulting in Change of Density, Color and other Properties of the Zircon Crystal over the Time.

Zircon Properties

  • COLOR: Blue, Green, Red, Brown, Orange, Yellow
  • HIGH: 1.925 to 1.984 (+/- 0.040)
  • MEDIUM: 1.875 to 1.905 (+/- 0.030)
  • LOW: 1.810 to 1.815 (+/-0.030)
  • BIREFRINGENCE: 0.000 to 0.059 (low to high)
  • SPECIFIC GRAVITY (SG): 3.90 to 4.73
  • HARDNESS on Moh’s Scale: 6 to 7.5


Zircon Gemstone Quality & Price

Zircon Stone Benefits

How to Buy Natural Zircon?

It is common that while looking to buy Natural Zircon, Customer end up buying Synthetic Man-Made Cubic Zirconia. This is because of lack of Awareness, Information and un-ethical trade practices by Few Gemstone Traders. To avoid falling victim to such malpractices, insist for a Lab-Report from a reputed Laboratory while buying Zircon.
The Lab-report must clearly mention that the Zircon is Natural.

How to Wear Zircon Stone?

Where to Buy Zircon Gemstone?

SHUBH GEMS offer wide range of Certified Natural Zircon Stones in all weights and Sizes. We also design customized Zircon Rings, Pendants and Jewellery for Men and Women.
Buy Fine Quality Natural Zircon online or visit our Gemstone Shop in New Delhi, India. For any further Assistance, call us at +91- 8010-555-111 (India) or Email us at shubhgemsindia@gmail.com

Zircon Sources

Currently, Great Quantity of Fine Quality Zircon comes from Sri-Lanka in Market. The Colorless Zircon from Sri lanka is also called ‘Matara’ Zircon. Matara is the name of the city in Sri lanka, where zircon is mined.

Astrological Significance of Zircon

In Vedic Astrology, Colorless Zircon is considered as the stone corresponding to Planet Venus. Since Diamond is also a stone for Venus, but due to its high Cost, Zircon is preferred over Diamond.

Why to Choose Zircon over Diamond?

One of the major reasons being Affordability. Zircon is far more affordable than Diamond. Another reason is that Diamond is very rarely free of inclusions (Flawless) and commonly has dark inclusions which are not considered positive for good astrological results. Astrological stones are popularly worn in the weight range of 4 carat to 7 carat. The Cost of one carat Diamond itself may run into several Lakhs.

Difference between Zircon and Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

Zircon is a Natural Stone, formed in Nature over millions of Years. On the other Hand, Cubic Zirconia, commonly abbreviated as ‘CZ’, is purely a Man-made material. Cubic Zirconia is also called ‘American Diamond (AD)’, which is its trade name. Astrology endorses and recognizes the power of Natural stones only. Man made stones like Cubic Zirconia are only meant for Jewellery Purpose and has no place in astrology.
CZ is only a look alike of Zircon. All the Physical, Chemical and Optical Properties of Zircon and Cubic Zirconia are Different.
Natural Zircon is rare and it is available in Nature in limited quantity. Therefore Zircon is more expensive than Cubic Zirconia. On the other Hand, Cubic Zirconia is produced in Factories on large-scale and hence very inexpensive.

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