How to identify real Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone in Delhi

Yellow sapphire stone is connected with the felicitous planet Jupiter. This gemstone gives the number of benefits to the wearer. It is very important for the wearer to buy original Pukhraj stone but it is not that easy to find the natural Yellow sapphire stone in Delhi.

Yellow sapphire is a beautiful light-yellow colour gemstone. There are many gemstone sellers in the market who are selling cultured and synthetic Yellow sapphire in Delhi. Buyers should be aware of these kinds of fraud sellers because synthetic gemstones have no astrological benefits and celestial powers.

Here are the few tips which describe the key points that kept in mind while buying a Yellow sapphire stone in Delhi.

How to identify original Yellow sapphire stone in Delhi?

  • If Pukhraj stone is real then it seems heavy when you keep it on your hand. Real Pukhraj looks crystal clear and transparent.
  • The original Yellow sapphire gemstone is glib and soft in nature. The colour of the gemstone is like the yellow oleander.
  • When you scrub the Pukhraj gemstone on a wall or touchstone then its colour improves and it is a proof of natural Yellow sapphire stone.
  • If Yellow sapphire gemstone reflects two colours and consists a black smudge then it means the gemstone is synthetic or fake in quality.
  • It is said that if you scrubbed the Real yellow sapphire stone for a while then it may generate fire. This indicates the originality and high quality of the gemstone.
  • So, if you are going to buy Yellow sapphire stone in Delhi then must consider above-mentioned points. It will help you in buying original and high-quality Pukhraj stone in Delhi.

What are the benefits of Yellow sapphire?          

It is believed that Yellow sapphire enhances the financial growth of the wearer. Pukhraj stone is considered as a gemstone of luck and fortune. It will open the doors of opportunities for the wearer. A yellow sapphire gemstone is very auspicious for unmarried girls as it will help you in finding the right life partner for you. it gives relief in depression and removes negative thoughts from the mind. Pukhraj gemstone is beneficial for your marriage and family life.

When should we wear yellow sapphire?

One should wear 5-7 Ratti Yellow sapphire stone in a gold ring. Thursday in Shukla Paksha is the auspicious day to wear Purkhraj stone ring.

Which finger to wear Pukhraj ring?

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pukhraj gemstone and this planet rules the index finger of the hand. You should wear Yellow sapphire gemstone in the Index finger of the right hand. This finger is also called Tarjani in the Sanskrit language.

What is the price of Yellow sapphire stone per carat?

Price of Yellow sapphire depends on its colour, quality, transparency, cutting style and lustre. In Delhi, Yellow sapphire price starts from Rs 2000 per carat and its range up to 50000 per carat. If you find Pukhraj gemstone below this price then it might be low quality and synthetic gemstone.

Where to Buy Yellow sapphire stone in Delhi?

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