1. Tanzanite Stone is rarer than Diamond, as it comes from only one location, Tanzania.
  2. Tanzanite Gemstone is liked and cherished for its Color & Rarity.
  3. Tanzanite is Birthstone of September along with Sapphire.
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Tanzanite Stone Facts Price, Properties & Benefits

Tanzanite Stone Facts

Tanzanite stone is Rarer than Diamond, as it is mined from only one source on Earth, that is Tanzania. And hence the Gemstone is named so. Tanzanite has been discovered very recently. It was discovered by a local Masai Tribesman in the Year 1967 and the stone joined the list of Gemstones shortly after. Tanzanite is the Blue variety of Zoisite Mineral. The Color of Tanzanite ranges from Blue to Violet to Purple. But the pure Blue hue in Tanzanite similar to Sapphire is most desirable & precious. Tanzanite is a Pleochroic stone. It means the same stone shows different color tones if viewed from different angles. Just tilt the stone and you can see the transition happening from Blue to violet to purple. This Property makes Cutting of Tanzanite stone a very challenging task, which requires fine skills. The Stone requires to be cut along right axis and angles to exhibit most desirable colors while retaining the maximum weight. This cutting determines the Color which consumer sees when the stone is cut and finally set in jewellery.

Tanzanite Properties

  1. MINERAL: Zoisite
  2. CHEMISTRY: Ca2Al3(SiO4)3(OH)
  3. COLOR: Blue to Violet to Purple
  4. BIREFRINGENCE: 0.008 to 0.013
  5. REFRACTIVE INDEX (RI): 1.691 to 1.700
  8. Lustre: Vitreous

Tanzanite Quality

Tanzanite Price

Tanzanite Stone Benefits

How to Buy Natural Tanzanite?

All Gemstones, including Tanzanite should be bought with a Laboratory Report for the authenticity of the stone. The Report should clearly mention that the Gemstone is Natural and other information like Carat weight, Color & Shape/Cut.

How to Wear Tanzanite Stone?

Where to Buy Tanzanite Gemstone?

SHUBH GEMS deals in Fine Quality Natural Tanzanite Stone and Tanzanite Jewellery. We make Custom designed Tanzanite Rings in Gold & Silver for Engagement, Wedding & Gifting. We are offering our services worldwide. If you have a design in mind & we will make it for you.
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Popularity of Tanzanite

Tanzanite has earned the fame of being one of the most desirable gemstone in a very short span of Time. It is favored gemstone for Engagement and Wedding rings worldwide. Tanzanite is Birthstone for the month of December also. Tanzanite Jewellery find place in collection of several Celebrities and Royalties.

Treatments in Tanzanite

Untreated, Tanzanite is typically brownish. Most blue Tanzanites available for sale today, owe their color to Heat treatment. Such treatments develop its attractive Pleochroic blues and violets. The blue crystals originally discovered by Masai tribesmen were an exception because they’d probably been exposed to a natural heat source within the earth at some point.

Know Tanzanite Stone

Tanzanite name comes from Tanzania where it is mined. Tanzanite belongs to Mineral species Zoisite. Commercially mined at only one place Tanzania, makes it rarer than Diamond. Chemical composition of Tanzanite is Ca2Al3(SiO4)3(OH). In Tanzanite, the most-prized color is a pure Blue, similar to fine sapphire, or an intense violet-blue all its own. Tanzanite with a bluish purple body color is also popular, but less valuable. In any shade, pale colors are less prized than saturated ones. Hardness of Tanzanite is 6-7 on Moh’s scale. Optic Character of Tanzanite is Anisotropic. Tanzanite’s Refractive Index (RI) range is 1.691 – 1.700 & Specific Gravity is 3.35. Birefringence is 0.008 to 0.013. Tanzanite is pleochroic, showing three different colors when viewed from different directions. This makes cutting a crucial element in determining the color the consumer sees when the stone is cut and set in jewelry. Buy Tanzanite stone in best colors online with authentication report. Untreated, tanzanite is typically brownish. Most blue Tanzanites for sale today owe their color to heat treatment, which is what reveals its attractive pleochroic blues and violets. The blue crystals originally discovered by Masai tribesmen were an exception because they’d probably been exposed to a natural heat source within the earth at some point. Always buy Tanzanite stone with authentication report from reputed Gemological Laboratory. Get your own customized Tanzanite stone Ring at Shubh Gems. Buy Tanzanite stone in India at Shubh Gems, New Delhi or order Tanzanite stone online from anywhere. Shubh Gems, India delivers Certified Natural Tanzanite stone without any delivery charges.

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