Points to consider while buying Ruby stone in Noida

Ruby is the rarest stone among all other gemstones in Noida. Buying a high-quality ruby gemstone is a hard task for everyone. Ruby is available in many varieties and types in Gems market of Noida. But many gemstone sellers use heat therapy and produce synthetic stones to increase their sale and earn huge profits.

If you are gems lover or want to buy a Ruby stone in Noida then you must know the fact that only original or certified gemstones endow astrological benefits to the wearer. Nowadays, new gem sellers sell synthetic and fake ruby stone in Noida to the people. They have no such experience related to gemstones. Buyers should know that synthetic ruby gemstone could create problems in their life. People who reside in most populated cities are higher chances of getting cheated by fake stones and it mostly happens in cities like Noida. Fake ruby stone in Noida is highly available in the gems market.

Hence, before purchasing a ruby stone, one must adhere to the following essential and crucial guideline.

Which colour ruby stone is highly preferable in Noida

Whenever you are going to buy a Manik stone, you must pay the attention to the colour of the ruby Ratna. Genuine and natural ruby gemstone is either light red in colour or dark red in colour. It is said that ruby stone colour is affected by the existence of aluminum and chromium. Dark red ruby gemstone is Noida is hard to find.

Cut of Ruby stone

Ruby stone price in India is highly depending upon the cut or shape of the stone. A person must consider shape or cut of the stone while buying a certified ruby stone in Noida or other cities. Heart cut ruby gemstone and oval cut ruby gemstone are the most popular shapes of this stone. These shapes of Manikratna exhibits every small detail of the gemstone.

Clarity of Ruby gemstone

Clarity is also another significant parameter to distinguish real or original Ruby stone. You must check the clarity of the stone while buying it. One must check the ruby stone price online. Do some research while buying a gemstone and do not waste your hard-earned money on a gemstone that does not seem any clarity. Fake or uncleared ruby stone in Noida is highly available.

Carat of Ruby stone

Gemstones are weighing in carat. Many people are asking that how much is a 1-carat ruby worth. Ruby stone price in Noida is 900 per carat. Price of the highest quality of ruby gemstone can go up to 30,000 Rs per carat.

While buying a gemstone. One must consider the weight or carat of the gemstone. When carat of ruby stone increase price will increase accordingly.

Types of treatment on Manik stone

There are many sellers in Noida who promised to the customer that they provide non-treated or original ruby stone. But this not true at all. Many times, their claims have no weight. They cheated the buyers of ruby or any other precious gemstone in Noida or other metro cities. It is believed that almost every gemstone seller used heated techniques on gemstones to enhance their quality and clarity. These treatments destroy the original or real characteristics of a stone.

Some of the gemstones require significant treatments to improve the quality and clarity of a stone. Therefore, if you find any heat-treated ruby stone in Noida then does not feel surprised by it because every gemstone is passed from these techniques.

Although, the amount of the treatment on stone should be limited. It will ensure the natural value of a stone will remain.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Emerald Gemstone

1. Can I wear both ruby and amethyst?

Ruby is a planetary stone corresponding to SUN. Amethyst is a healing stone. It is also considered a mild substitute for Blue Sapphire (Neelam). Amethyst and Ruby can be worn together because amethyst is a very mild healing stone. Amethyst does not carry the ill-effects that Blue Sapphire may give. Hence, Ruby and Blue Sapphire should not be worn together but Ruby can be worn with Amethyst.

2. Can we wear ruby in a silver ring

Preferable metal is Gold or any other yellow alloy. However, it can be worn in silver too.

3. Which Rashi can wear ruby stone?

Ruby does not give any side-effects and it can be worn by person of any Rashi. Ruby is most favorable for Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpion, Saggitarius and Pisces.

4. Which day Ruby should be worn?

Ruby should be worn on Sunday.

5. In which finger we should wear ruby stone?

Ruby should be worn in the Ring finger.

6. How much does a 1 carat ruby cost?

Pricing depends on many factors like Quality, Source, Point of Sale, just to name a few. An acceptable quality of untreated Ruby should cost $ 100 per carat in the international market. The upper price can go upto $ 1000/Carat. The outstanding pieces of ruby gemstone go beyond price-tags and are sold under the auctions.

7. Where are Rubies found?

Mozambique (Africa) and Myanmar (Burma) are currently the best sources of Rubies.

8. Which ruby stone is best?

The Best Quality rubies are known for their Pigeon-Blood color and fair transparency. A Good Quality ruby should have a uniform and saturated color and must be free from cracks, blemishes or too-many opaque inclusions.

9. When should we wear ruby stone?

You must start wearing ruby on Sunday during auspicious timing of the day (Muhurta). Consult our experts at www.shubhgems.com to find out the auspicious Muhurta (Timing).

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