rose quartz ( गुलाबी स्फटिक )

rose quartz ( गुलाबी स्फटिक )

Rose Quartz Gemstone ( गुलाबी स्फटिक )

  1. Rose Quartz is Pink variety of Mineral Quartz.
  2. Rose Quartz is liked for its delicate Pink Color & Healing Properties.
  • Rose Quartz Benefits: This delicate Pink Crystal is stone of Love, Attraction, Intimacy and Feel Good. Rose quartz emits vibrations of love, beauty and compassion. Also helps in curing impotency & infertility. Rose quartz encourages self love and worth within self.
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Rose Quartz Stone Facts, Rose Quartz Properties & Benefits

Rose Quartz Facts

Rose Quartz is Pink variety of Quartz mineral species. It is used in jewelry & worn for its healing benefits. Its delicate pink color and translucent nature makes this stone very beautiful and desirable.

Rose Quartz Properties

  • Refractive Index (RI) of Rose Quartz: 1.544 – 1.553
  • Specific Gravity (SG) of Rose Quartz: 2.65
  • Hardness of Rose Quartz on Moh’s Scale: 7
  • Transparency level: Translucent

Source of Rose Quartz

The best Quality Rose Quartz comes from Brazil, Africa and United States.

Rose Quartz Quality

Rose Quartz Price

Rose Quartz Stone Benefits

Rose Quartz is a stone that promotes Love & Romance and heals emotional Pain. It helps in making stronger bond with partner, family, Friends and Colleagues. It makes the person loving, caring and Friendly. It is also worn for enhancing Beauty and Personality. It helps in quick relief from injuries. People related to Cosmetic and Hospitality industry must wear Rose Quartz to enjoy a smoother professional Life. It makes the partners and friends more loving and helps in getting favors from superiors. Disturbed couples can keep the Rose quartz under the pillow or wear it in form of Ring, Pendant or Bracelet to improve the married Life. It enhances fertility in both men and women. The Crystal ignites intimacy between the couples. Unmarried Men and Women should wear it for attracting love of their life and getting a suitable Life Partner.

How to Buy Natural Rose Quartz?

Shubh Gems deals in Best Quality Certified Natural Rose Quartz stones. We also design customized Rose Quartz jewelry for men and Women. For any assistance, Call us at +91-8010555111 (India). You can buy Rose Quartz online or visit our exclusive Gemstone store in New Delhi, India.
Shubh Gems, L—75, Jal Vihar Road, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi -110024, India

How to Wear Rose Quartz Stone?

Rose Quartz crystal should be energized and activated for best results. We energize and activate gemstones for best astrological benefits. Rose quartz can be worn as Ring, Pendant or Bracelet.

  • Day for wearing Rose Quartz: Friday
  • Metals for wearing Rose Quartz: Gold or Silver
  • Finger for Rose Quartz: Ring Finger

Where to Buy Rose Quartz Gemstone?

Buy best quality Rose Quartz online at best price. Rose Quartz Rings, Pendants & Bracelets are available at Shubh Gems. Buy Rose Quartz stone in India at Shubh Gems, New Delhi or order Rose Quartz stone online from anywhere. Shubh Gems, India delivers Certified Natural Rose Quartz stone without any delivery charges.

Know Rose Quartz, Rose Quartz Properties & Rose Quartz Benefits

Rose Quartz is Pink variety of Mineral Quartz (SIO2). Rose quartz is desired & appreciated for its delicate Pink color. The color of Rose Quartz ranges from very light pink to medium-dark Pink. The most appealing color typically occurs in larger sizes; small rose quartz stones with good color are very rare. Microscopic Mineral Inclusions give cloudy translucence to this stone. Rose quartz is usually found in massive form, so well-shaped crystals are highly prized. Rose Quartz is crystal of Love & Peace. It helps in opening up the heart & encourages love. It also helps to balance the emotions and heals anger & disappointments. Rose Quartz acts as anti ageing as it brings love & charm to life. Buy Rose Quartz crystals to bring love in your life.

Rose Quartz ranks at 7 on Moh’s scale of hardness. The Refractive index (RI) range is 1.544 – 1.553 & Specific Gravity (SG) is 2.65. Shubh Gems deals in high quality Rose Quartz Crystals for healing & cut stones for Jewelry. Rose Quartz is cut into all shapes & sizes. Rose quartz is also carved into ornaments.

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