Red Coral Stone Price, Benefits & Proprites

Red coral, which is also known as Moonga in Hindi, is considered one of the most popular stones.  Most of the Gemstones are Minerals, which are mined from Earth. But Coral is one of the very few Organic Gemstones. Red Coral stone is an organic stone formed form skeleton of individual polyps. Coral is one of those stones, which are respected for their therapeutic benefits as well. Red Coral stone represents Mars planet according to Vedic astrology. Red Coral boosts our efforts and protects against the enemy.  Red coral is mostly found in Italy, Japan, Australia, West Indies, Malaysia, and Africa. Italian red coral stone is more preferred stone these days.Red coral stone price in Delhi

Red Coral | Moonga Stone Price

As per Indian market trend.  The best quality red coral stone price range may start from Rs. 500 to 5,000 as depends on the quality (Color, Clarity, Cut, Shape) & origin of stone. Many times, You will find Treated coral in market. Treated corals have no astrological significance and Such Treated corals come very cheap.

Red Coral | Moonga Gemstones benefits

  • Red Coral helps to win over enemies and Conspirators.
  • Red Coral stone has the strong impact on the mental health. Since it is a robust stone it helps in overcoming symptoms of Restlessness and mental depression
  • It is preferred gemstone for overcoming mental depression, fear and nervousness. It gives energy, physical strength, good health and hope. It is a great stone for boosting self-confidence and will-power.
  • The Moonga provides protection from hexing, evil eye and black magic.
  • Red Coral stone helps controlling eruptions on the face, acne, skin ailments, boils.It purifies the blood and protects from wounds, cuts, bruises and injuries.
  • Red Coral also helps to keep the Kidney, Liver and healthy heart by purifying the blood and enhancing the physical strength.
  • Red Coral stone aid the financial position of the wearer and mends any sort of money problem.
  • This gemstone removes obstacles, averts accidents, avoids discord and prevents warfare.
  • Red Coral is very beneficial stone for those People who have health-related problems, blood-related disease or disorder and person who fall sick frequently should wear coral stone.

Coral (Moonga) Stone Properties

Hardness  :   3.5 on Moh’s Scale
Refractive Index :  1.48 – 1.68
Specific Gravity :  2.60 -2.70
Transparency Opaque

How to Wear Coral (Moonga) Stone?

Day for Wearing :   Tuesday
Metal for Wearing: : Silver, Gold &Copper
Finger for wearing : Ring Finger
Mantra for wearing : Om Krim Kum Kujaya Namah

Where to Buy Coral | Moonga Gemstone?

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