How to check the quality of Red Coral stone in Gurgaon

Red Coral stones are found directly in the Sea and Oceans. Actually, they are the product of those living organisms who are living under the ocean. Due to their uncommon properties, at times cultured and synthetic coral stones are sold in the market of Gurgaon.

Buyers must be careful while choosing Red Coral stone in Gurgaon. Today, we will help you to find whether the Moonga stone is fake or original by doing these tests.

Milk test for Red Coral stone

Take one glass of milk and put the Red Coral gemstone in this milk. Give some time to the color of stone to be radiated and absorbed by the milk. If the color of milk will change then it means Moonga stone is genuine and original.

Red Coral stone Magnification test

If you want to check the authenticity of Moonga stone then take a magnifying glass. Put the Red Coral gemstone on plain white cloth. See the Moonga stone through the magnifying stone and if there are any granules on the surface of the gemstone then it means it is cultured or fake stone. While buying a Red Coral stone in Gurgaon, you must try this easy test. If the coral gemstone is real, the surface will be smooth and clear.

Rubbing test for Red Coral gemstone

By clicking or rubbing the Red Coral gemstone, one can analyze the authenticity of the gemstone. If the sound is a glass rubbing type of sound, hence it means the Red Coral stone is not natural because it is made up of glass.

Turmeric test to check Red Coral stone

Take one piece of raw turmeric and rub it on the surface of Moonga stone. If the red marks on the turmeric appear or if turmeric changes in the red shade then it means the Red Coral is fake. While the color of gemstone remains same then it means the Red Coral is original and authentic.

Which shape of Red Coral is best?

It is said that the triangular shape of Red Coral stone is best. Many people ask a few questions related to this gemstone like Red Coral stone wearing finger, why do we wear Red Coral stone and moonga stone price per ratti.

As per market trend, moonga stone price per ratti is dependent on its origin, cut, clarity, size etc. However, moonga price per Ratti would range somewhere between Rs 500 to 1500 in Gurgaon. A Red Coral stone ring should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand.

Wearing the Red Coral gemstone emanates the power and vibrations of the planet Mars. Therefore, if a person has a weak placement of planet Mars, he/she can get the direct blessings of Mars by wearing a Red Coral gemstone.

It can also be benefitted by winning over and getting a competitive edge over enemies.

Where to buy Red Coral stone in Gurgaon

You will find many gemstone seller and manufacturer on Gurgaon but you make sure that they provide natural and authentic Red Coral stone. Ask the gemstone certificate to know about the originality and quality of the gemstone.

If you are looking for natural and authentic Red Coral stone then you are very lucky because you can easily order high-quality and certified Moonga stone from Shubh Gems. You can buy Red Coral gemstone online or also opt for customized coral jewelry

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