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Panchang or Panchangam is the Hindu calendar. The word ‘Panchang’ means ‘Five parts’. It is derived from two words- Panch meaning ‘Five’ and Ang meaning ‘Parts’ in Hindi. In Vedic Astrology, these 5 attributes (parts) are:

1. Tithi
2. Nakshatra
3. Yoga
4. Kaarana
5. Vaar

A Panchang primarily constitutes these 5 parts. The Panchang is mainly used for finding important festivals and auspicious time (Shubh-Mahurt) of the day. As per Panchang, Each day constitutes Auspicious and In-auspicious time as per combination with Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, karana and Vaar. This involves critical calculations to derive Panchang and Mahurt.
Auspicious Mahurat (Shubh-Mahurat)
Auspicious Mahurat is that part of the day when the planetary positions are favorable. We are supposed to start any new venture or new task only during Shubh-Mahurat, which ensures smooth completion, and Success. In earlier times, Panchang was consulted before sowing and harvesting crops, for digging the well, for making travel plan. In modern times, Shubh Mahurat is followed for critical events like marriage, starting a new journey or starting a new work, signing a Deal, undergoing surgery, new investment, buying of new house, office, car etc. Detailed Panchang study can also help in speculation of Production and supply of Commodities, Rise and fall in Prices of commodities, Changes in Weather, Rainfall, Drought, Floods etc. Panchang also provides Varsh-Phal (Yearly prediction) as per Zodiac.
The Easiest way to look for Shubh Mahurat is to identify the ‘Abhijeet Mahurat’ of the day. Abhijeet Mahurat is considered most auspicious time of the day. It has the capability to destroy all the doshas. It is believed that Lord Shiva killed Demon Tripurasura during Abhijeet Mahurat. Abhijeet Mahurat is blessed by Lord Vishnu who destroys all doshas with his Sudarshan-Chakra during this Mahurat. But there is an exception that Abhijeet mahurat is not suitable on Wednesdays. Abhijeet Mahurat is also not consulted for manglik activities like Marriage and Upnayan Sanskar. Abhijeet Mahurat is also called Abhijin Mahurta, Chaturth Mahurat or Kutub Mahurat.
The Counter-part of Abhijeet Mahurat is called ‘Nishit Kaal’. It prevails during Midnight and new events should not be started during Nishit mahurat. One should avoid starting any new event during – Rahu kaalam, Gulika Kaalam or Yamagandam.

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