How to buy Pearl Stone in Noida

Nowadays buying a natural and high-quality pearl stone is become a very challenging task in metro cities like Noida. There are many sellers who sell fake or cultured pearl gemstone to earn more profit and big money. But as a customer, you should know the tactics to buy the Pearlstone especially when you are living in Noida because there are many gemstone sellers has synthetic and heated stones.

Here, we guide you with a few relevant tips to ensure the originality and purity of Pearl stone in Noida.

Which origin of Pearl stone is available in Noida?

Expensive and attractive pearl stone is found in many countries and to import Moti or Pearl from foreign countries to Noida, is quite expensive. To avoid this situation mostly gemstone sellers in Noida prepare synthetic or cultured Pearl stone in their labs. These types of stones have no astrological benefits for the wearer. To get the desirable benefits Pearl stone should be worn in the little finger of the right hand on Monday.

Pearl is imported from various countries to Noida like Sri Lanka, Mexico, Venezuela and Bay of Faras. Apart from that India is also the largest provider of Pearl stone in Noida. Here you find mostly fake Pearl stone rings which have no lustre and attraction.

In India, Moti gemstone is mainly spotted in South India.  In this part, the pearl is referred to as Tuti Korean. This stone is totally looking like a cultural pearl stone. Mostly sellers of Noida purchasing low quality of Pearl from South India and they are inferior in the quality than the other origins of Pearlstone.

Sri Lankan Pearl are extremely high in quality and bright in colour. Pearlstone price of Sri Lanka is very high in comparison to others. Mexico origin Pearl gemstone is dusky in colour and its quality is also not very good.

In Venezuela mines, Moti stone is called Basra moti. This stone is smaller than other origins. The Pearlstone is spotted in Bay of Faras is called Basra stone. They are the best quality Moti gemstone. These Pearls are highly used in Pearlstone jewellery.

How to Buy certified Pearl stone in Noida

It is extremely difficult to find an original Pearl gemstone in Noida. The primary reason behind this difficulty is that many people or buyers are unaware of the grades of Moti Ratna. They also don’t know the actual price of Pearl stone in India.

Many times, buyers make mistakes while buying a Pearl stone in Noida. You should check the Pearlstone ring and jewellery prices online. It will help you to give an idea about the quality and price of Pearl gemstone.

Price of Pearl stone in Noida

In Noida, freshwater pearl stone range starts from Rs 525 per carat and Rs 840 per carat but you should remind that the price of pearl stone highly depends on its quality and origin. Freshwater pearl gemstones are fine in quality and they are reasonable in price.

Price of Saltwater Pearl stone in Noida is available from 1025 Rs per carat. Price will increase with the quality.

Where to Buy original Pearl stone in Noida

There are many gem sellers in Noida who are selling cultured and synthetic Pearl stone in Noida. If you want to protect yourself from fake Pearl stones in Noida then you should consider a highly reliable and certified gemstone seller in the industry. Shubh Gems offers a wide range of Pearl stone in Noida. They are providing a high quality of all gemstones and Pearl stone in Noida with certification. You can place online order also.

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