Important facts related to Hessonite, which are available in Noida

Hessonite stone gained immense popularity among the entire gem lovers due to its amazing features and abnormal colouration. The specific type of Hessonite is sold in Noida gemstone market. Here we discuss it in length about it.

Hessonite stone Planet

Hessonite gemstone is also called Gomed in Hindi. This gemstone is associated with the fierce planet Rahu. In Hindu mythology, Rahu is considered as shadow planet.

People who are suffering from Rahu Dasha can wear this gemstone. It is said that GomedRatna mitigates the bad effects caused due to the ill placement of Rahu in the horoscope.

How to wear Hessonite stone?

One must wear the gemstone of Rahu after consulting any esteemed Astrologer. The gemstone ideally weighs at least 1/10 in carats of your body weight. GomedRatna can be worn as ring, pendant or bracelet. Hessonite stone should be worn in Silver in the middle finger of the right hand.

What is a Hessonite Garnet?

It is the brown coloured grossular garnet stone. It provides mental stability and enhances creative ideas. It increases the chances of sudden gains.

Can Gomed be worn on Wednesday?

Yes, Hessonite stone can be worn on Wednesday or Saturday. All you need to do is chant this mantra before wearing Gomed – “Om RaamRahveNamah”.

In which finger a woman should wear Gomed?

Hessonite gemstone should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand on Saturday or Wednesday morning. Middle finger represents Saturn and Rahu planet.

Can Gomed and Ruby be worn together?

Hessonite and Diamond are not meant to be worn together. In fact, the Blue sapphire stone should also be avoided with Hessonite stone. Due to inimical relation between Sun and Rahu, Hessonite stone should not be partnered with Ruby. This combination of gemstone can give you adverse effects.

What is the price of Gomed stone?

As per market trend, the price of Hessonite stone depends on its colour, origin, shape, cutting and luster. In Noida or any other city of India, Gomed stone range starts from 500 Rs per carat. Industrial and cultured Hessonite gemstone are much cheaper because they do not have any astrological benefits.

How to buy Natural Hessonite stone in Noida?

While buying a Gomed stone, always insist the manufacturer for Lab certification. In this certificate, all details related to the gemstone should be mentioned. You can also buy the Lab certified Hessonite stone online.

Where to Buy High-quality Hessonite stone in Noida?

People who are looking for the best quality and authentic Gomed stone with Lab certificate should opt for Shubh Gems. They are selling genuine and high-quality gemstones. You can also place an order online for Hessonite or any other gemstone. The best thing is that customers can customize gemstone jewellery as per their demands and requirements.

According to Astrology, Rahu is the malefic planet and it might destroy your life and harm you in many ways. It is believed that Rahu can destroy all the happiness and wealth of a person. Therefore, if Rahu is placed in the wrong house of your horoscope, then you must wear Hessonite stone after consulting the Astrologer. 

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