Emerald Stone Price, Benefits & Properties

Emerald also called as Panna in Hindi, Emerald stone is one of the most beautiful stones and counts among the three most expensive stones of the world sapphires, Rubies and emeralds. Emerald gemstone is mostly used in gem therapy and it is considered the gemstone representing to planet Mercury.

Emerald stone stores the energies of Mercury and provides the wearers in the necessary measures. If Mercury planet is placed favorably in your horoscope, you can get great benefits from wearing Emerald stone in a ring.

Emerald Stone Price

The Pricing of Emeralds depends on its Transparency, Color, Cutting Style and Luster. As Per current market best quality Emerald stone price starts at around Rs 2,000 per carat to Rs 50,000 per Carat. These days many Treated, Synthetic or used emeralds are available in the market in low price so be careful before buying.

Emerald Stone Physical Properties

Emerald is a precious stone. The best quality emeralds come from the mines in Zambia and Scotland. The color of an Emerald can differ from light green to dull green. Emerald appearing extremely transparent without any dark spot inside is the top quality and its price is very high.

Emerald Stone Benefits.

  • Wearing an emerald stone can give huge benefits in relation to the communication skills.
  • The Person wearing emerald can visibly see a spurt in artistic talents, creativity, linguistic talent and ability to ideate / innovate better.
  • Natural Emerald is a great stone for persons who hesitate or feel shy to interact with anyone or feel held back because of lack of confidence.
  • Emerald stone is popular for its healing powers. It is very helpful for people suffering from skin diseases, allergies, nervous disorders and respiratory ailments. It is believed to be the best stone for a person who is suffering from speech difficulty.
  • The stone is best for those people who are working in the field of media, public platform & movie. It helps to gain fame and name in their respective field.



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