What is the price guide of emerald stone in Gurgaon

Emerald stone is not only famous for astrological benefits but equally widely used in Gemstone jewellery in Gurgaon or other cities of India. This green colour gemstone is one of the most prestigious members of the Beryl mineral family. Columbia and Zambian mines emerald stone is most popular in gemstones market of Gurgaon.

Vedic astrology recommends Panna stone to increase effective energies of Mercury planet. According to the western astrology, emerald is the birthstone for people who born the month of May.

If you are buying an emerald stone ring or jewellery for astrological benefits, it is essential to recognize the worth of emerald stone. You should follow certain rules while buying emerald stone in Gurgaon. Price of Panna stone depends on its origin, cut, shape and clarity. Let’s discuss the points which keep in mind while buying emerald stone in Gurgaon.

Origin of emerald stone

Natural and high-quality emerald stone chiefly found in Columbia, Zambia, Pakistan, Russia, Ethiopia and Brazil. These origins are sourcing the high-quality Panna stone. When the origin of the gemstone is clearly mentioned on the gem certificate then it is high in price.

Value of emerald stone from   Columbia

Columbia emerald stones are high and balanced in clarity. They are known as superior among all other origins. They are much valuable than other origins. It cost starts from 3200 per carat to 40,000 per carat and above in Gurgaon.

Zambian emerald stone value in Gurgaon

Zambian emerald gemstone is closer to Columbian emeralds in term of quality. This is an enormously standard variety of emerald stone and its range starts in Gurgaon from 2,500 per carat and goes up to 40,000 per carat and above.

Brazilian emerald stone value in Gurgaon

Brazilian emerald stone is slightly darker in colour and they are semi-transparent or opaque in appearance. This effect the price of the emerald stone. Price of emerald stone remains relatively stone. Emerald stones of Brazil are chiefly used in pieces of jewellery. According to the Indian market standard, Brazilian emerald price stone in Gurgaon price starts from Rs 800 per carat to Rs 2700 per carat and above.

How to buy certified emerald stone in Gurgaon

While buying a natural or certified emerald gemstone always consider its origin, colour, shape and cut of the stone. Many gem sellers in Gurgaon are providing synthetic and cultured gemstones. They do not have any astrological benefits and celestial energies for the wearer. You must buy an authentic and original Panna stone. One can compare the emerald stone price online.

Where to buy Panna stone in Gurgaon

As we mentioned above, only certified and genuine gemstones must be worn. It is extremely resistant to find reliable gemstone seller or distributor in Gurgaon or Delhi. If you easily want to uncover an emerald stone in Gurgaon then you can order it from Shubh gems. They are dealing in certified natural emerald stones in Delhi, Gurgaon or many other cities.

Panna stone should be worn on Wednesday in Silver or Gold metals. One can wear emerald gemstone in a ring or can customize it in jewellery. It is highly recommended that only natural and high-quality gemstones must be wear. Synthetic and heated gemstones are fake and have no effect and use. Natural and rare stones are upright in quality. Emerald stone who has sparkle and bright in colour are actually high-quality stone.

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