How to recognize fake Emerald Stone in Ghaziabad

Many people have affection for precious gemstones and most probably for the emerald stone but they are often worried about the originality and authenticity of the gems they purchase from the seller. This fear increases in the city like Ghaziabad where almost every gemstone seller sells cultured emerald or any other gemstone.

Cultured emerald stone in Ghaziabad refers to those type of gemstones which made at labs and synthetically prepared to earn more money and profit. If a person is going to purchase an emerald stone in Ghaziabad, he would face many kinds of problems in finding real or original Panna stone.

Natural precious gemstones are very expensive because they hold celestial powers and energies in them. therefore, to get these divine powers, you should purchase only natural and certified precious or Emerald gemstone. There are high chances of availability of fake emerald stone in Ghaziabad. Here gemstone sellers import or prepare low quality and synthetic Panna stone. 

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it has become very difficult to find an online distributor or gem seller in Ghaziabad especially who sells natural emerald stone or other precious gemstones. There are many gem sellers in the market of Ghaziabad who sells synthetic Panna stone ring and labeling it as an authentic or natural gemstone.

People who want to buy real Emerald stone or emerald gemstone jewellery in Ghaziabad can go through following basic factors to recognize whether Panna stone is natural or fake.

Tiny bubbles on Emerald stone

Those Panna stones who are created in the lab will consist few inclusions and you cab seen them with the naked eyed or by using a magnifier also. You will see tiny bubbles in synthetic Emerald stone. If you watch them closely then these tiny bubbles are seen around the surface of the gemstones. Genuine Emerald gemstone does not have any inclusions or tiny bubbles. When you go to buy real emerald stone in Ghaziabad, you can ask the seller for the magnifier to check the bubbles on the gemstone.

 Price of the Emerald stone in Ghaziabad

Always consider the price of the Emerald stone while purchasing it. Natural and original Panna stone ring is extremely rare in Ghaziabad and it will be more expensive than a cultured gemstone.

How to find a fake Emerald Stone in Ghaziabad ?

If a gemstone distributor does not disclose the identity or authenticity of the emerald stone and does not tell whether it is synthetic or natural Panna stone and its price is relatively low then it means that gemstone is synthetic and low in quality and does not have any celestial power.

Many gemstone sellers in Ghaziabad try to fool their customers by selling them cultured or fake emerald stone as a real gemstone. To prevent yourself from these kinds of frauds, you must check the emerald stone price online.

Emerald stone colour varies from bluish green to pure green. The most expensive Panna Ratna are highly transparent. If you have a question in mind that which colour emerald is best then your answer is here- according to gemstone expert bluish green to the pure green color of emerald is best.

Where to buy Emerald stone in Ghaziabad

If you desire to purchase an authentic emerald stone in Ghaziabad then you really need to work hard to find it but you can easily order natural or real Emerald or any other gemstone from Shubh gems on just one click.

Shubh gems are dealing with certified and authentic gemstones they import precious gemstones from direct mines. You can trust their gemstones quality blindly and they also provide lab certification with each and every piece of the gemstone.

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