Diamond ( हीरा )

Diamond ( हीरा )


  1. Diamond is the most Precious & Desirable Gemstone, it is also the hardest Natural material on Earth,
  2. Diamond looks really Brilliant due to its extreme Optical Properties like Refractive Index & Dispersion
  3. Diamond is Birthstone of April Month.
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Know Diamond Solitaire Price, Properties & Grading

Diamond is graded on the basis of 4C’s Color, Clarity, Cut& Carat Weight. Carat is a unit of weight for gemstones & diamonds. One carat consists of 100 cents & also equals to 0.200 Gram. Diamond Color grading scale is D-Z. D is the exceptionally white color & very rare and thus most expensive. Round is the most liked shape & Brilliant is the most preferred cutting style for Diamonds. Round Brilliant Cut diamond is most desired & expensive among all shapes & cutting styles. Other fancy shapes in diamonds are Heart, Cushion, Marquise, Oval, Pear, etc. Princess cut Diamond & Emerald cut Diamond is also available in market. Princess is Square Brilliant cut while Emerald cut is rectangular step cut diamond. Diamond’s Clarity grade depends on internal & external clarity characteristics. Internal Clarity Characteristics are called Inclusions & external clarity characteristics are called Blemishes. Most of the diamonds have big or small, many or few inclusions. Very few diamonds are free of inclusions (Flawless ) and thus very expensive. Well finished Diamond Ring made of Gold and set with solitaire diamond, looks very attractive & is precious. Diamond Ring is most preferred as Engagement Ring as it lasts very long and looks good too. Price of Diamond Ring depends on the Diamond weight, Color, Clarity and cut of Diamond. More is the carat weight; more is the rate per carat. White Gold & Platinum metals are used to make Diamond Solitaire Ring. white gold is an alloy of yellow gold mixed with another metal. Diamond Ring is mostly made of 14K or 18K Gold. Diamond ring is a very good wedding Gift too. Shubh Gems has big collection of designer Diamond Rings. Shubh gems also make customized diamond solitaire rings on order. Diamond ring is designed as per the client’s requirement, Liking & lifestyle. Diamond Ring cost is sum of Diamond value, Gold amount & Making and designing cost. We make customized designer diamond solitaire rings in Gold and Platinum metal as per the occasion & your requirement. Buy Certified Diamond Ring at best Price online at shubh gems. Always buy certified Solitaire Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery with authentication Report from Reputed Gemological Laboratory.

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