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Ruby is called Manik in Hindi.

Ruby is Red variety of Corundum mineral species.

Ruby is Birthstone of July Month.

Ruby symbolizes Sun (Surya) planet in Vedic Astrology.

  • Who should wear Ruby?

    • A person should wear Ruby as per the recommendation by Expert Astrology. An Astrologer suggests most suitable Astrological stones as per the Horoscope. Ruby (Manik) stone is good for Power, Fame & strength in life. So it is very suitable for Politicians, Leaders & Bureaucrats.
  • Ruby Stone Benefits

    • Ruby is very beneficial Astrological stone. Ruby symbolizes Sun (Surya) planet in Vedic Astrology. Ruby brings Power, Fame & Strength to wearer.
  • What is the Price of Ruby stone?

    • Ruby (Manik) Price depends on its Quality (Color tone, Transparency, Cut, Carat size & Finish). Ruby Price starts at 1000/- per Carat & go up to 50,000/- per Carat for high quality stones.
  • Ruby Stone Quality

    • Ruby Quality depends on Color, Clarity/Transparency, and Cut/Shape. Good Quality Ruby stones come from Burma (Myanmar), Mozambique & African countries. Best Quality Ruby should have Pure Red hue (Pigeon’s Blood Color) without any secondary tones & with good transparency.
  • How to wear Ruby stone?

    • Astrological stones should be worn as per proper procedure for best results.  Astrologer suggests you the appropriate time to wear, in which metal to wear & on which day to wear.
  • Procedure to wear

    • Ruby (Manik) should be worn as per the procedure for best results in astrology. Ruby should be worn in Gold or Panchdhatu (Alloy of five metals) ring in Ring finger on Sunday.
  • Best time to wear Ruby

    • The Auspicious time of day to wear Ruby is during sun rise in the morning or as suggested by an astrologer as per your horoscope.
  • Which metal for Ruby Ring

    • Ruby Ring should be made of Gold or Panchdhatu (Five metal alloy) metal for best astrological results.
  • Which Finger to wear Ruby?

    • Ruby should be worn in the Ring finger of right hand.
  • Where should I buy Natural Ruby Gemstone?

    • Always buy Natural Ruby stones with the certificate of Authenticity. Only Natural, Untreated stones give astrological benefits. It is better to Consult Qualified Gemologist/Gem Expert before buying a gemstone.

Natural Ruby Stone Online  


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