Rudraksha as per Zodiac Sign

Rudraksha as per Zodiac Sign

Rudraksha is known to possess immense power to heal all the ills and misfortunes in one’s life. It is worn for good luck, good health, prosperity and spirituality. Following is the list of Rudraksha as per Zodiac Sign (Rashi).

Zodiac Sign (Rashi) Suitable Rudraksha
Aries (Mesh) 3 Mukhi
Taurus ( Vrish) 6 Mukhi
Gemini (Mithun) 4 Mukhi
Cancer (Kark) 2 Mukhi
Leo (Singh) 1 Mukhi and 12 Mukhi
Virgo (Kanya) 4 Mukhi
Libra (Tula) 6 Mukhi
Scorpio (Vrishchika) 3 Mukhi
Sagittarius (Dhanu) 5 Mukhi
Capricorn (Makar) 7 Mukhi & 14 Mukhi
Aquarius (Kumbh) 7 Mukhi & 14 mukhi
Pisces (Meen) 5 Mukhi

Procedure to wear Rudraksha

Rudraksha must be worn with proper procedures to reap its immense benefits. The Rudraksha should be duly purified as per Vedic procedures. It should be worn in a pendant. The Pendant can be made in silver, copper or gold and can be strung in a plain-thread, chain or in a rudraksha-mala. Rudraksha should be worn in an auspicious Mahurt of Monday. Read more about Rudraksha and Consult our experts to know more about the correct procedure to wear rudraksha at

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