Do Not Buy Treated Gemstones For Astrological Purposes

Do Not Buy Treated Gemstones For Astrological Purposes

Gemstones are naturally occurring precious minerals which come from the depths of Mother Earth. They bless the wearer's life with prosperity, happiness, success, wellness, fulfillment and fortune. They help the individual to remove obstacles in their life, tide over problems and emerge triumphant with a feeling of contentment.

Crystals are extracted from their mines and gemstones are cut from these rough rocks. These gemstones are cut in different shapes and sizes based on their quality. The parameters that define the quality are color hue, color saturation, transparency, luster, inclusions and unique optical properties (if any).

Good quality gemstones with the desired color and no visible inclusions are highly valuable and most sought-after in the market for astrological, jewelry and ornamental purposes. Thus, low quality stones are often enhanced to get better prices.

Treatments such as heating, coating, diffusion, oiling, dyeing, bleaching, radiation, glass filling, waxing, etc are often done on gemstones. Different types of treatments serve different purposes. Some treatments modify the color of the gemstone, some increase their brilliance, some improve the transparency while some can even change the gemstone. For example: Amethyst stones are often heated to change their color from violet to the yellow of Citrine stones; as both the stones are a variety of the mineral Quartz.

Treatment of gemstones enhances their appearance and hides their flaws. The gemstones end up looking more beautiful, attractive and valuable. But treatment of gemstones also changes the nature of that stone. A treated gemstone loses its natural properties and acquires the properties of an artificial stone.

Natural gemstones take over a million years to form and have accumulated exceptional positive energies during this period. A treated gemstone does not have the same magical properties that a pure untreated stone does. A real gemstone treated with chemicals will not provide any results (and in some cases can even provide negative/opposite results). Thus, such stones are not preferred in astrology.

The same has even been stated in an expert from Chapter 72 of the Garuda Purana,

which translates as, ‘Under no circumstances, a gemstone should be subjected to heating to improve color and increase brilliance as such gem would bring illness and misfortune to the individual who wears it.’

Agreed that uniformly bright colored and eye-clean stones are preferred for astrological purposes and such stones tend to be expensive. But it is better not to wear any gemstone rather than wearing a treated gemstone as such a stone would give a placebo effect or no effect. Additionally, it is not that difficult to find astrologically correct stones with a limited budget.

It should be noted that minor or moderate amounts of oil treatment in Emeralds is accepted as Emerald is a heat sensitive and brittle stone that can build cracks if exposed to excessive heat. Storing it in colorless oils (coloured oils are not acceptable) helps to retain the life of the stone. It does not enhance the stone nor changes the nature of the Emerald stone.

There are certain things you should take in account while purchasing gemstones especially for astrological purposes. You should always buy natural real stones from a gemologist. You should always ask for a lab-report from a reputable laboratory when purchasing gemstones. The report must clearly mention any observations indicating treatment. It must also mention the treatment, if any.

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