Why Should You Never Buy Stones From Dealers who offer Buy-Back

Why Should You Never Buy Stones From Dealers who offer Buy-Back

Why do you not have a buy-back policy like other gemstone dealers in the market?

      We are frequently asked this question.

          & Yes! We have the answer.

    It was thousands of years ago (during the dawning age) when it was discovered that the position of heavenly bodies across the sky has an effect on the fate of human beings.

    A person’s life goes through multiple ups and downs, moments of happiness and distress, experience of success and failure, phases of good health and illness, finding a clarity of mind and periods of anxiety, etc. From the second a person takes birth, his/her karmic life map (fate/destiny) comes into force. The planetary alignment at that time influences all aspects of a person’s life.

    Gemstones help combat negative factors of a person’s karmic life map such as accidents, financial crisis, depression, unsuccessful marriage, litigation, etc. From the beginning of humanity, gemstones have been seen as bringers and guarantors of prosperity, success, wellness, fulfilment and good luck. They help people to remove obstacles in their life, tide over problems and emerge triumphant with a feeling of contentment.


Gemstones come from the depths of Mother Earth and have been induced with exceptional positive energies and magical properties over the million of years they have taken to form.

    A gemstone when energised for the first time, is set in tune with the karmic map of the person who is going to wear it. It constantly engages with a person’s energy which is what makes it effective. It absorbs the negative energy from its wearer and endows positive results in their lives.

    A used gemstone (even for a short period) carries the energy of its previous owner. The negative energy of the preceding bearers of the stone, makes it difficult to attain the desired results from the stone. If the negative energy is high, it could have adverse effects on the current bearer. In some cases, the new wearer could also carry the misfortunes of the prior wearer. The in-famous hope diamond is the perfect example of this case. The blue diamond was passed from one king to another bringing tragedy to everyone.

    It is impossible to completely de-energise and then re-energise any gemstone. Even so, it would not have the power that it did when it was first worn. Thus, a used gemstone would never be pure. Also, used gems are likely to carry scratches and blemishes, which is unacceptable for any astrological use.


Therefore, if a gem isn’t coming to you directly from the mines, it will not work for you.

    A used gemstone should only be used for jewellery which only covers a tiny fraction of the customers in the market. Thus, dealers who offer the ‘buy back policy’ sell used gemstones.

We at Shubh Gems want to help our customers take a step towards an auspicious beginning by providing them with 100% pure and natural gemstones.

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