Significance of Gemstone Inclusions & Color in Astrology

Significance of Gemstone Inclusions & Color in Astrology

The rules of astrology are clearly described in our ancient scriptures. Astrological remedies are in the form of Mantra (Yagna), Aushadhi (Medicine) and Mani (Gemstones). Mantra, medicine and gemstones possess the power to cure all the diseases and remove all problems from a human’s life. Gemstones are worn as per the planetary positions in the horoscope (birth chart/kundli) of the person. The gemstone to be worn mostly depends on the issues faced by the person.

Certain guidelines have been laid down regarding the selection of gemstone and the procedure to wear them for astrological benefits. Vedic astrology gives a description about what parameters must be taken into account before buying a gemstone to make it most suitable for astrological purpose.

Inclusions in Gemstones

Every natural gemstone has inclusions. These inclusions develop within the gemstone during their growth under natural conditions. These inclusions can be considered as birthmarks. Inclusions can be of many types. Vedic astrology clearly defines the type of inclusions, which are acceptable or not acceptable in a gemstone. The information about gemology available in scriptures from ancient times is exemplary. It is beyond imagination to understand how our ancestors did the study of gemstones at such microscopic level.

Nature of inclusions in a gemstone plays a vital role in selection. Small & light colored inclusions which don't distract the flow of light & energy within the stone are acceptable. But black spots or dark-colored inclusions as these inclusions absorb most of the energy that was supposed to transmit and ultimately heal or cure the body. Surface cracks are not acceptable either as these also disturb the energy flow and degrade the benefits.

Color of Gemstone

Astrology gives utmost importance to the color of Gemstone.

Two different color of stones from the same family totally changes its planetary effect. For example: Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire and Ruby come from same mineral family ‘Corundum’. All these three have the same physical and optical Properties. They even have same basic chemical composition. The only difference is their color. As per Indian Astrology, Yellow Sapphire corresponds to the planet Jupiter, Blue Sapphire corresponds to Saturn and Ruby corresponds to the sun. This highlights the importance of gemstone color in Astrology.

Also, Gemstone color intensity should be optimum, neither too light nor too dark. Any color, if it is too light, will appear to be near colorless and if too dark, appears to be almost black.

Ideally, each Gemstone should have a pure hue of color without any secondary color tones. But, when the gemstones are mined, they come in variety of mixed color tones. Some color tones are not attractive and are less desirable. For example, when Blue Sapphire is mined, not all Sapphire stones have the perfect blue hue. Some stones have secondary tones like purple and grey. Sapphire stones with a pure blue hue gives the best astrological results than stone with mixed hues. So, always choose a gemstone with perfect hue and without any undesirable secondary color tones.

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