7 Chakra Healing: Need and List of Associated Stones

7 Chakra Healing: Need and List of Associated Stones

Everything in the universe is made of energy from the smallest pebble to the biggest ocean to each individual cell in our bodies. Chakras are the energy points in our body and play a major role in the flow of energy in our body. They correspond to the nerve bundles, organs of the body and areas of our energetic body. They affect our emotional and physical well-being.

According to some, there are 114 different Chakras. But there are seven main chakras that run along the spine of our body which affect us majorly. Each of these seven chakras has a corresponding name, colour, location and focus.

When one or more of our chakras becomes blocked or unbalanced, it has an impact on our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. A balanced chakra system means mental peace and a healthy body. Thus, the chakras should stay open and aligned.

The following are the most effective way to achieve this balance:

  • Practising Yoga: postures, breathing exercises, meditation and mantra chanting
  • Staying close to elements of nature
  • Using 7 Chakra Healing Stones

In our everyday busy lives, it is difficult to take out time to do yoga regularly or stay close to the elements of nature. Even if one is able to do so, yoga to balance the 7 chakras needs to be done in proper guidance for it to be effective and the elements of nature need to be pure which is very difficult to find. Thus, using healing stones is the most viable and effective option.

For centuries, people have been using crystals for their magical and spiritual powers. They hold vibrational energy and transmit this energy to us to help balance our emotional, physical and spiritual energies. People who are using healing stones tend to be more attuned to their body and mind.

Given below is the list of stones most beneficial with each Chakra. Some stones are associated with more than one chakra as they have very high healing benefits. The stones can be used in various ways i.e. by placing them on your body while you rest, wearing them as jewellery, carrying them with you in your pocket or placing them in your surroundings.

Almost all of us have energy imbalances as well as energy-sabotaging habits that prevent us from accessing our full vitality. But the good news is that this doesn’t have to continue. We at Shubh Gems have natural crystals direct from the mines that you need for healing. We are always keen to guide you; all you got to do is ask.

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