How to choose high-quality Emerald (Panna Stone)

How to choose high-quality Emerald (Panna Stone)

Emerald Stone is a green colour precious gemstone which affects us in many ways. In Vedic astrology, it is the most reputed gemstone and it was worn to achieve success in business and career. It enhances the creative and intellectual power of a native. Emerald stone is a fairly expensive gemstone which always remains in demand in national and international gemstone markets.

It is believed that emerald stone can increase the chances of success in business, jobs, career and life. It also creates financial stability is a person’s life. Mercury is the ruling planet of emerald; therefore, it gives the benefits of this planet. Emerald is also known as Panna in Hindi.

It is highly recommended that only natural and high-quality gemstones must be wear. Synthetic and heated gemstones are fake and have no effect and use. Natural and rare stones are high in quality. Emerald stone who has sparkle and bright in colour are actually high-quality stone.

Panna is an expensive stone so it is very important to know how to choose high-quality emerald before purchasing it. Below are few tips which you should keep in mind while buying high-quality Emerald gemstone.

A hue of the Emerald stone

Hue refers to the color of the stone. You must look at the colour or hue of the emerald stone before purchasing it. Many Panna stones have yellow-green tint while others have blue-green tint. The green stone which has strong color without becoming dark or dull are the most valuable and high-quality Panna stone.

Deep tonal colour

Lightness and darkness of the emerald gemstone refer to the tonal colour. Natural and high-quality emeralds come in very light to a very dark colour. High-quality emeralds are those which have a medium green to dark green tonal colour and not being oversaturated.

Emerald with strong saturation

Saturation means to the emerald gemstone colour strength. In this color quality is the most important and significant quality. Rich saturation in Panna refers to the brilliance of the stone. This type of emerald has the ability to reflect the light in a better way. On the other hand, weak saturation of Emerald will make it looks flat and dull.

Cut of Emerald stone

There are some cuts of emerald which are highly valuable and reflect more light through it. Rectangle cut of emerald is the most common shape of this stone. Apart from that, oval, pear, round, teardrop cuts are also in demand.


If you buy an emerald stone from a reputed and trusted Gemstone provider then they will surely give you a certificate. This certificate will ensure the quality, origin, color and cut of the Panna stone. Every genuine stone comes with GIA certification. Keep this in mind while purchasing an emerald stone.

Carat weight of Emerald

It is a very common thing that larger Panna stone have more carats and they are very expensive too because large Panna stone is difficult to mine. One can easily find the quality of a large Panna. Generally, larger emerald stones are high quality and more beautiful in comparison with small size emerald stone.

Origin of the Panna stone

Origin of the gemstones is also very important. Columbia emerald is considered finest emeralds. In this country, emerald mines are situated in Muzo, Chivor and Coscuez. After the Columbia other countries where high-quality emerald is available are Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia, Russia and Zimbabwe. Before buying the high-quality emerald stone, always ask the jeweller about the origin of the stone.

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Do not wear synthetic and industrial quality emerald stone or any other gemstones as that do not gives you any astrological benefit. They are very low in energy or power. Stones who have spots and crack on it are considered useless and low-quality stone. Bright and beautiful color stone attract the customers most. When you wear any gemstone, it should resonate with you to give its energy and positive effects.

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