Frequently Asked Questions about Opal Gemstone

Frequently Asked Questions about Opal Gemstone

What is Opal Gemstone?

Opal stone is a very attractive Gemstone. Opal has suddenly become very popular and desirable due to its beauty and ‘play of color’ (Fire) effect. Opal is Birthstone of October month. Opal along with Diamond is very effective astrological gemstone for Venus (Shukra) Planet.

Opal is Birthstone of which month?

Opal is birth stone of October month as per western astrology. So, Opal is highly recommended to people born in October month.

What is Opal Gemstone Benefits in astrology?

Opal is the astrological gemstone of Venus – Shukra planet. Venus symbolizes the desires of human being. Opal is worn for marital bliss, Love, Relationship, Companionship, fertility & sexual compatibility.

Opal is worn for which planet?

Opal is associated with Venus (Shukra) Planet as per Indian Vedic astrology. SHUKRA symbolizes the comforts and luxuries of the life. A benefic Venus in the horoscope may bless the native with all the luxuries, comforts, glamour, romance, wealth, beauty, happiness, joy, delights, high class vehicles, art, sex, attractions, jewelry, entertainment, pleasure, joys, passion and merriments.

Who should wear Opal gemstone?

A person born with zodiac signs Taurus & Libra should wear a Opal. It's highly recommended to someone, who has Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus (Shukra) in the horoscope. Opal is very beneficial for people suffering from infertility, sexual disorders, Libido, and impotency.

What is the Astrological significance of Opal in Astrology?

Opal is beneficial for sexual disorders, infertility, barrenness, sperm problems, sexual desire problems, bowel diseases. Eyes, constipation and gastric problems etc.

What is the price of Opal Gemstone?

Opal price per carat vary from INR 500/- to INR 7,000/- . Opal price depends on quality; extent and pattern of rainbow colors on the surface.

How to wear Opal gemstone in astrology?

Opal should be worn in Silver or any white metal alloy like White Gold and Platinum. Opal should be worn in index finger on Friday. Opal gemstone should be properly activated, energized and purified for best results.

How to buy Opal for astrological purpose?

Opal for the astrological purpose should be of appropriate weight & quality. Astrological Opal should not have surface cracks and major black inclusions/spots. White opal is preferred to black opal for astrological purpose.

What is Procedure to wear Opal Stone??

Opal is worn in index finger on Friday. Ring should be made of Silver or other white metal alloys.

Opal stone is worn in which finger?

Opal is worn in index finger on Friday. Ring should be made of Silver or other white metal alloys.

Is opal good astrological substitute for Diamond?

Yes, opal is a very good substitute for Diamond. You can wear opal in place of diamond. Opal gives as good results as diamond. Opal stone of 4 carat and above is ideal for astrological benefits.

What is Opal Gemstone quality?

Opal gemstone quality depends on extent of play of color ‘fire’ effect in the stone. Australian Opals are very premium and best in quality. Shubh Gems deal in Certified Natural Opal stones from Australia.

Where to buy Opal gemstone?

Buy Certified Natural Opal stone from a trusted shop. Buy Opal with laboratory certificate for its authenticity. Shubh Gems deal in Certified Natural Opal stones for astrological & Jewellery purpose.

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