Why choose Certified Yellow sapphire stone dealer in Noida?

Yellow sapphire stone is also called Pukhraj in Hindi. Sapphire comes in many colours but Yellow sapphire is the most beautiful and attractive gemstone among all other sapphires. One should wear natural and real yellow Sapphire gemstone as it gives you maximum astrological benefits. Many yellow sapphire stone sellers in Noida are producing synthetic and fake gemstones, so you should choose certified Yellow sapphire stone in Noida.

Properties of the Yellow sapphire stone

  • Optic character: Anisotropic
  • Hardness: 9 (Moh’s scale of hardness)
  • Birefringence: 0.007-0.010
  • Refractive Index: 1.760-1.778
  • Specific Gravity: 3.99-4.01
  • Origin of Pukhraj stone

Sri Lanka is the main source of natural and high-quality Yellow sapphire stone in Noida. Sri Lankan sapphires called Ceylon mines Yellow sapphires. These are very expensive and less affordable for many people. Due to this, now people are considering low price and budget Yellow sapphire gemstone which comes from Bangkok mines.

Bangkok mines sapphires are astrologically beneficial and superior in quality. While buying Bangkok mines yellow sapphire stone, must ensure that the stone has not undergone any heated treatment. When you buy Pukhraj gemstone then always insist for Lab report.

Price of Yellow sapphire gemstone

Yellow sapphire stone price depends upon the colour, transparency, lustre and cutting style. Natural and good quality gemstone should have prominent yellow colour and transparency to allow light to pass through. Oval and cushion cut shapes are most desirable in the Yellow sapphire gemstone. Generally, all gemstones have some inclusions but natural Pukhraj stone have fewer inclusions. Inclusions will affect the Yellow sapphire price.

Yellow sapphire price in Noida starts from 2000 Rs per carat and its range can up to Rs 50000 per carat. Below that, only synthetic and industrial quality gems are available that have some inclusions like black spots, tiny bubbles and cracks etc.

Why do we wear Yellow sapphire?

You must consult the astrologer Before wearing the yellow sapphire stone. People who are facing a delay in marriage or married life problems should wear this gemstone.

Which finger to wear Yellow sapphire ring in?

Yellow sapphire gemstone ring should be worn in the Index finger of the right hand in gold or panchdhaatu metal.

Can anyone wear the Yellow sapphire ring?

Before wearing this yellow sapphire stone ring, it is advisable to consult the astrologer. Generally, Pukhraj stone can be worn by any person with any zodiac.

How to choose a certified Yellow sapphire stone dealer in Noida?

You should physically check the authenticity of Yellow sapphire stone but also ask for the certificate to the manufacturer. The certificate is a prove that gemstone was checked and approved by experts. Always consider the GIA certificate for gemstones. This certificate will help you to know more about the origin and quality of the gemstone.

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