How to check fake Yellow sapphire in Ghaziabad

Yellow sapphire stone is the beautiful gem to add sparkle to your jewellery collection. The stone also has importance in Vedic or Hindu astrology. While buying a Yellow sapphire stone in Ghaziabad, make sure that it is real, natural and flawless because there are many gemstones sellers who are selling synthetic gemstones to the buyers that have no astrological benefits.

So, let’s know about the steps that can help you in identifying real and natural Yellow sapphire gemstone in Ghaziabad.

The identity of Yellow sapphire stone

While buying a Pukhraj stone, compare it with a piece of yellow glass.  Actually, mostly gemstone sellers are made synthetic yellow sapphire stone from a yellow glass. The yellow glass may look like to Pukhraj gemstone but the two are drastically different. According to gemstone experts, Yellow glass is too big and colourful in compare with real Yellow sapphire.

Tiny bubbles in the Pukhraj stone

All gemstones have some inclusions like tiny bubbles on the surface but high-quality Yellow sapphire does not have inclusions which are visible to the naked eyes. If you find a Pukhraj that have tiny bubbles or some inclusions on the surface then it means the gemstone is fake and not real. Fake Yellow sapphires often have tiny bubbles inside.

Scratches on the Yellow sapphire stone

The yellow sapphire gemstone is extremely hard. Diamond and Sapphires are the hardest gemstones on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. According to Gemstone expert, only a few things can scratch a Yellow sapphire stone. On the other hand, fake sapphires scratched easily. The stone which is an imitation of Pukhraj stone and made by the yellow glass often has lots of surface scratches but real and original sapphire has very few.

Consider the facets                                                  

It is said that glass is not as hard as sapphire and it is cut more easily.  One can simply cut the yellow glass and they have smooth and rounded edges while real Yellow sapphire stone has more complex cuts that are crisp and sharp.

Yellow sapphire stone Certificate

You should physically check the authenticity of Yellow sapphire stone but also ask for the certificate to the manufacturer. The certificate is a prove that gemstone was checked and approved by experts. Always consider the GIA certificate for gemstones.

Yellow sapphire benefits

Yellow sapphire gemstone increases the love between the marital relationship. Unmarried people should wear this stone. It protects you from evil eyes and negative thoughts. Pukhrajstone gives mental peace, courage and happiness in life. Yellow sapphire gemstone should be worn in the Index finger of the right hand on Thursday morning in gold metal.

Where to buy Yellow sapphire stone in Ghaziabad?

If you want to protect yourself from fake and synthetic gemstones then always keep in mind above-mentioned steps. They will properly guide you while buying Pukhraj stone. People who are looking for genuine and original yellow sapphire stone can consider Shubh Gems as they are providing pure and 100% natural Yellow sapphire gemstone and gemstone jewellery.

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