Ruby stone for Leo ascendant in Delhi

According to astrology, Ruby is considered one of the most precious gemstones. Its colour and shine mostly attract people and this is the reason why Ruby stone jewellery is the most popular in wedding ornaments. People who aspire to wear original stone they can find Ruby stone in Delhi.

Ruby stone is available in pink to dark colour tone and you can purchase the best quality of Ruby stones in Delhi. Ruby contains chromium element and it gives the red appearance to this stone. Finest quality of Ruby is Pigeon blood red colour. It’s smooth in touch and sharp in a cut.

Importance of Ruby stone in astrology

According to astrology, every precious gemstone is associated with Planet. Gemstones are recommended as per the placement of planets in the birth chart. Sun is the ruling planet of Ruby and this stone is recommended to increase the beneficial effects of the Sun. In astrology, the sun is the planet, which gives success to a person in his acts, work and career. If a person needed success in their career or achieve heights in their professional life, they recommended wearing Ruby stone. Generally, employed people from metro cities like Delhi are facing more career-related problems. They should find the ruby stone in Delhi and wear it to get the astrological benefits from this stone.

Sun and Ruby stone

Sun is considered as the father in our birth chart and its denoted authority. If the sun is placed ill in your Kundli then relation with your father will become problematic. Malefic sun disturbs the relation of son and father. People who are suffering from this problem or want to establish the cordial relationship with their father or son should wear Ruby stone ring.

When the sun is powerful and positive in the chart, the person will enjoy respect in society. Sun could be considered as the soul of the individual and Ruby stone adds charm and positive energy to that soul. Wearing ruby stone in Delhi will reduce the problems of a career as well as personal life.

Is Ruby stone good for Leo?

Yes, Ruby stone is the birthstone for Leo ascendants. Sun is the ruling planet of Leo zodiac and Ruby is a stone of Sun. hence, Leo ascendants can wear Ruby gemstone. Ruby stone benefits for Aries zodiac are also considerate. A person who is born between 23 July to 22 August falls under the sign of Leo.

Leo comes under the fire sign and it is a very independent sign. Leo ascendant natives are very confident, outspoken and loyal. Leo native can purchase Ruby stone in Delhi at affordable prices. These natives are very stubborn in nature and ruby gemstone has the power and energy to create mental peace in Leo ascendants life.

Who can wear Ruby stone?

A person who is born in July can wear Ruby gemstone. Ruby or Manikya is considered birthstone for July born natives and they can wear it in the form of gemstone jewellery. This pink gemstone is best suited for Delhi people who are staying away from their family and miss them. Ruby stone will enhance and improve the familial relations of people who live miles away from their family in Delhi. There are many options are available to purchase Ruby gemstone in Delhi.

If you are facing problems and obstacles in your professional life and not getting desirable results of your efforts then you must try the Ruby stone, which is highly in demand in Delhi city. Ruby gemstone ring brings numerous astrological benefits offered by the planet Sun.

Which metal should Ruby is worn?

Sun is the ruling planet of Ruby gemstone, so it should be worn in Sunday because this day is dedicated to Lord Sun. Chant suryabeej mantra while wearing Ruby stone ring or pendant. The yellow metal is auspicious for Manikya stone, hence ruby ring or pendant should be made of Gold or Panchdhaatu. As per Vedic rituals, one should wear ruby stone after energization and activation of this stone. It will increase the benefits of ruby stone. Gold rates are quite higher to embedded Ruby stone in Delhi. If you cannot afford the Gold with ruby then you can wear it in Panchdhatu also.

People who are looking for Ruby stone in Delhi can buy high quality and natural gemstone from Shubh Gems. Shubh gems deals in certified natural Ruby stone from Burma and Mozambique. These two are considered best quality of Ruby stone in Delhi.

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