Which type of Red Coral (Moonga stone) is most famous in Noida

Red Coral stone is also known as Moonga or Praval. As per Indian Vedic astrology, Moonga gemstone is ruled by Mars. There are many varieties of Red Coral stone is sold in the gemstone market of Noida. Hence a buyer should be careful about the authenticity and originality of the gemstone.

Here, we discuss some important things about Red Coral stone and also tell you that which type of Red Coral is most famous in Noida.

Benefits of Red Coral stone

  • As we mentioned above that Red Coral gemstone is ruled by Mars and this planet signifies energy, vitality, courage and boosts ambition in a person. This gemstone can be worn to boost the positive effects of Mars in the horoscope.
  • When your enemies create some troubles in your life then Red Coral gemstone can help you to overcome from this problem. This is the best remedy for victory over enemies and adversaries.
  • Moonga stone helps to remove lethargy and laziness and boost the mental health of the wearer. It is said that Red Coral stone is good for mental illness. People who are suffering from depression or anxiety should wear this stone.
  • If you are suffering from Mangal dosha or any kind of debt then Red Coral can help you in resolving all problems of your life.

Which Red Coral stone is famous in Noida

Gemstone experts say that the best quality of Red Coral stone is found in Japan and Italy. Japanese Red Coral is extremely prominent in the gemstone market of Noida. Japanese coral has numerous health benefits like incorporate fever, headache and stomach ailments etc.

The cost of Japanese Red Coral is pretty much high than Italian coral. Italian Red Coral is generally used to build one’s regulatory abilities and a positive attitude. This gemstone uplift self-assurance and courage.

Where to Buy Japanese Red Coral stone in Noida?

It is really very difficult to find the original and natural Japanese, Italian or any other variety of Red Coral stone in Noida or any other gemstone market. If you really want to purchase high-quality and certified Red Coral gemstone then you must buy it from Shubh Gems.

Shubh Gems is a certified manufacturer and they also provide Lab certification with gemstone or any other Gemstone jewellery. So, you don’t need to worry about the quality of Red Coral while buying from Shubh Gems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shape of the Red Coral stone is best?

The triangular shape is best for Red coral. Most people prefer triangular shape and Astrologers also suggest this shape in Moonga stone.

Why do we wear Red Coral gemstone?

MoongaRatna has many physical and mental benefits like it gives mental stability and gets rid of depression and anxiety. It boosts courage and self-confidence.

Red Coral stone wearing finger

According to Vedic astrology, Red Coral gemstone should be wearing in the Ring finger of the right hand on Tuesday morning. Coral can also be worn as Pendant. One should wear Moonga gemstone on Tuesday morning in Gold, Silver or Copper metal. Mantra for wearing Coral: Om KrimKumKujayaNamah. 

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