Some facts about Red coral stone that available in Delhi

Mars is the ruling planet of Red coral stone that is naturally occurred from deep sea water. Red coral is available in various varieties and types in Delhi but buyers must aware some facts about Red coral gemstone before buying it.

According to Vedic astrology, Red coral stone is associated with Mars and this planet signify courage, concentration, self-confidence, success and good health and better opportunities in career and life. It also blesses the wearer with prosperity in marital life. Red coral is also known as Moonga Ratna in Hindi.

Here, we discuss some facts about Red coral gemstone that widely available in Delhi’s gemstones market and shops.

Which shape of the red coral stone is best

The best shape of Moonga stone is triangular and in Delhi, you will also find the huge variety of triangular shape Red coral stone. One can wear Red coral stone ring or pendant.

Why do we wear Red coral gemstone?

  • Moonga stone helps the wearer to overcome from his enemies. Mars is the ruling planet of this gemstone, so this gemstone provides enough courage and enthusiasm to face difficulties and challenges in life.
  • Red coral gemstone also removes lethargy and improves the mental health of a person. If a person is suffering from depression or any mental illness, he/she should wear MoongaRatna.
  • This is the best gemstone to boost the self-confidence and self-esteem of the wearer. Moonga stone provides protection against the evil eye, black magic and Nazardosha.
  • Red coral stone also has healing properties. It helps in dealing with skin related ailments like boils and acne. Red coral can be worn to purify the blood. 
  • When the native is facing bad effects of Mars then he must wear Red coral stone in the ring finger.
  • Moonga stone is the best remedy of Manglik Dosha. Those couples who are facing trouble in marital life can wear red coral.
  • Red coral gemstone helps in overcoming debts and increase the financial status of the native.

Red coral stone wearing finger

According to Vedic Astrology, Red coral stone ring should be wearing in the ring finger of right hand. Coral can also be worn as Pendant. One should wear Moonga gemstone on Tuesday morning in Gold, Silver or Copper metal. Mantra for wearing Coral: Om KrimKumKujayaNamah.

Facts about Red coral stone that available in Delhi

  • Moonga gemstone is extremely fragile in nature and its hardness can be measured around 3.5 on Moh’s scale.
  • The best quality of Red coral stone is found in Japan and Italy. So Italian and Japanese Red coral is the best type of this stone and it is widely available in Delhi also.
  • As we mentioned above that Red coral stone are extremely fragile, hence extra care should be needed while wearing this stone.
  • It is advised that one should wear Red coral gemstone after applying the makeup or perfumes because it may damage the Moonga gemstone.

How to buy Red coral stone in Delhi

It is strictly advised that one should wear original and high-quality Red coral gemstone otherwise cultured and synthetic gemstone have no effects and use. Always ask the manufacturer for the Lab certification of Red coral stone in Delhi.

Where to Buy Red coral stone in Delhi

If you want to buy original and natural Red coral stone in Delhi then you can easily order it from Shubh Gems. They are dealing in Certified Natural and Un-treated Corals.

Always keep this in mind while buying a Red coral stone in Delhi that quality and origin is very important. So, never compromise with these two things.

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