Where to find the best quality Red Coral stone in Ghaziabad?

The Red Coral stone or Moonga as it is commonly known with is said to be representing the powers of the planet Mars. Red coral is quite popular in Ghaziabad. It is one of the most influential and important gemstones as per the astrologers of the astrological world.

As per the age-old beliefs and working terminology of astrology, gemstones have the power to influence and make our lives better for they can play a significant role in bringing happiness and desired results in the wearer’s life.

It is said and believed that all the cosmic and astrological planets in astrology are represented by a particular gemstone.

Red coral stone ruling planet

In the astrological beliefs and ideology, out of the total of nine planets, Mars is known to be the god of warfare and handles the commandment of the armies of god. In a person’s horoscope, the planet of Mars is representative of vitality, energy and goals & ambitions in life and Moonga stone enhance all these aspects in life.

If a person has an ill placement in the horoscope or else it is placed in the combination of the malefic and negative planets in the horoscope, the person can be benefitted to get the divine blessings and influential power of the planet Mars by wearing Red coral gemstone.

Red Coral Stone wearing finger

You can make your Red Coral ring in gold, silver and copper metal as per your choice and feasibility. And, the Red Coral stone wearing finger should always be the ring finger of the right hand.

Which shape of Red Coral is best?

The best shape for getting the desired results and benefits of Red coral gemstone is to get it made in a triangular shape as this would be best suitable. A Red Coral is also known as Lakshmi moonga and is known for especially appealing the goddess of wealth and getting her divine blessings.

Moonga Stone price per ratti

There are many variant factors that influence the pricing of Red coral stone in the gemstone market, such as its origin, cut, clarity, size etc. However, moonga price per ratti would range somewhere between Rs 500 to 1500 in Ghaziabad. Moreover, the artificial treatment and heating of the gemstone could also influence its price.

The appearance of the Red Coral gemstone

As the name is itself suggestive, the Red Coral gemstone is red in colour and is found inside the sea. It develops because of the consistent and continuous accumulation and collection of the animal skeleton under the water. It is one of the natural occurring gemstones just like its contemporary gemstone which is the pearl. The true colour of a Red Coral stone may differ and range from dark pink to blood red and one of the commonest uses of it being used in making and decoration of jewellery.

Why do we wear red coral?

  • One of the supreme and most important benefits of wearing a Red Coral is that it emanates the power and vibrations of the planet Mars. Therefore, if a person has a weak placement of planet Mars, he/she can get the direct blessings of Mars by wearing a Red Coral gemstone, as it is the ruling planet of the stone.
  • The wearer of the Red Coral stone can also be benefitted by winning over and getting a competitive edge over enemies and people who are jealous of the happiness and success.
  • Wearing a Red Coral stone ring will help the person to feel energized and losing the lethargic attitude in life. It will provide the boost to the energy levels and will enable the logical and rational side of the mind in the person.
  •  If the person is suffering from a long-time mental illness and is a patient of chronic depression, he/she is also advised to wear this gemstone, but only after careful analysis and observation of the individual’s natal chart.

Where to find the Red Coral stone in Ghaziabad?

Nowadays, there are many astrological services and gemstones vendor, where you can find the Red Coral stone at both online and offline platforms. However, before buying the gemstone, you must always check for its authenticity and genuineness and consulting an astrologer is also advisable.

In Ghaziabad, you must have this question in mind that “where to find the Red Coral stone in Ghaziabad? There are many astrological and gemstones vendors who are dealing in gemstones but please beware of the fake ones and get the gemstone certificate to know about its originality and authenticity.

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