Red Coral (Moonga) Stone

Red Coral is called Moonga in Hindi.

Red Coral symbolizes Mars (Mangal) planet in Vedic Astrology.

Red Coral is very beneficial for people with health & blood-related problems.

  • Who should wear Red Coral (Moonga)?

    • The person should wear Red Coral as per the recommendation by Expert Astrologer. An Astrologer suggests most suitable stones as per the Horoscope. Red Coral is very suitable for someone who has Health problems, mainly blood-related diseases like Anemia, Jaundice etc.
  • Red Coral Stone Benefits

    • Red Coral (Moonga) is very beneficial Astrological stone. Red Coral symbolizes Venus (Shukra) planet in Vedic Astrology. Red Coral is beneficial for people suffering from Anemia, Jaundice & other blood-related problems. It is also good for people in business related to Land like Property dealers, Farmers & builders. Coral should be worn as per astrological procedure for best results.
  • What is the Price of Red Coral stone?

    • Red Coral Price depends on its Quality (Shape, Cut, Carat size & Finish). Red Coral Price starts at 400/- per Carat & can go up to 5,000/- per Carat for high quality stones.
  • Red Coral Quality

    • Red Coral Quality depends on Shape, Color & Finish. Gemstones in Pure Red Color are most desirable. Italian & Japanese Coral stones are best in quality.
  • How to wear Red Coral stone?

    • Astrological stones should be worn as per proper procedure for best results.  Astrologer suggests you the appropriate time to wear, in which metal to wear & on which day to wear.
  • Procedure to wear

    • Red Coral should be worn as per the procedure for astrological benefits. Red Coral should be worn in Copper or Gold ring in the Ring finger on Tuesday for best results.
  • Best time to wear Red Coral

    • The Auspicious time of day to wear Red Coral is during Sun rise in morning or as suggested by an astrologer as per your horoscope.
  • Which metal for Coral Ring?

    • Red Coral Ring should be made of Copper or Gold for best results.
  • Which Finger to wear Red Coral?

    • Red Coral should be worn in Ring finger of the right hand or as suggested by Astrologer.
  • Where should I buy Natural Red Coral stone?

    • Always buy Natural Red Coral (Moonga) stone with the certificate of Authenticity. Only Natural stones have cosmic powers to provide astrological results. It is better to Consult Qualified Gemologist/Gem Expert before buying a gemstone.

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