How to spot the real deal of Pearl stone in Ghaziabad?

Diamonds are considered a best friend of Girls but Pearlstone is highly used in the women’s jewellery. Pearlstone jewellery is timeless, elegant and glamorous. They still attracted women in comparison of Diamonds. Most buyers of Ghaziabad like to buy Pearl gemstone because they are less expensive then Diamonds.

A layman cannot tell that which pearl stone is fake or real. Pearl stones in Ghaziabad are mostly fake and cultures. Hence, you must know how to deal while buying a Pearl stone in Ghaziabad. To acknowledge the quality of Moti stone, you have to depend on someone who has enough knowledge about gemstone.

Cultured Pearl stone in Ghaziabad

According to Gemstone experts, mostly Pearl stone in Ghaziabad are fake and synthetic in terms of quality and they are useless for the wearer as well. Moti Ratna are considered as the one and only gems that are produced by a living creature.

Mostly pearls who are available in the gemstone market of Ghaziabad are cultured. Cultured stone refers to those gemstones which made at an Oyster farm and here a small piece of shell is inserting into an Oyster. Quality of cultured pearls is very low. Primarily these cultured stones are used in making Pearl stone ring.

What you should know while buying Pearl stone in Ghaziabad

So how do you know the truly valuable from the second-rate? Here are some tips:

Colour of the stone: mostly white pearl stone is high in demand among the customers of Ghaziabad. White with a pink tone is the most valuable variety of Pearl stone in India. Creamy pearl gemstone is less expensive than rose ones.

Lustre: Basically, it is an appearance of a Pearl stone. The darker the surface the better the lustre. Mostly gemstone sellers in Ghaziabad are selling low lustre Pearlstone.

Shape: Round shape of the Pearls are most considerable. Oval and other shapes of Pear stone in Ghaziabad can be relatively inexpensive.

Size: This plays a major role in the price of the Pearlstone. Buyers should also consider the size of Moti stone before wearing them. Pearls should be proportionate in size, therefore consider its height and neckline.

Blemishes on the Pearlstone: If a moti stone has blemishes then it is not considered high-quality gemstone. Buyers should avoid these types of Pearls.

Tooth test: Slightly rub the pearl stone on the tooth to check whether the Pearlstone is real or not. Do not rub it on the edge of a tooth as it can scratch the stone. If you are going to buy a natural Pearl stone in Ghaziabad then you must try this trick.

Find the reputable and certified gemstone dealer in Ghaziabad and get all the claims that written on Gemstone certificate. Every genuine gemstone seller provides lab certification of the gemstone.

Where to Buy Natural Pearl stone in Ghaziabad

People who are looking for the genuine gemstone sellers in Ghaziabad or Delhi, they should find that type of gemstone seller who gives lab certification in handy with original and natural Pearlstone.

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