Facts you must know while buying Pearl Stone (Moti) in Delhi

Pearl is the most beautiful and attractive stone among all other gemstones. Moon is the ruling planet of Pearl stone and this stone give benefits related to the Moon. There are many varieties and types are available of Pearl stone in Delhi.  Pearl or moti not only enhance the beauty of but also add the glamour to the overall personality.

Pearls are most elegant and timeless gemstone. People have probably seen Pearl stone before but there many facts about Pearl gemstone that you might not aware of them. Each and every gem seller of different cities are providing different and many types and qualities of Moti Ratna. Pearlstone in Delhi also has a wide range and it is very difficult for the buyers to choose perfect and flawless Pearl gemstone.

Today, we are discussing some fascinating facts about Pearl stone who are widely available in Delhi or other major cities of India.

Facts about Pearl stone

  • The most interesting fact about the Pearl gemstones is that they are the one and only gemstone made by living organisms or animals.
  • Every Moti stone is unique and different in value and has its own perfections and imperfections.
  • Pearlstone ring should be worn in the little finger of the right hand on Monday. Pearls are associated with Moon and Monday is dedicated to this planet.
  • Pearl farming is called Peri culture. There are different types of Pearl stone and saltwater and freshwater are the main types of it. Basically, saltwater Pearls stone in Delhi come from Oysters and freshwater Moti gemstone come from mussels.
  • Pearls are originated inside the shell of the sea and they get colour from the shell.
  • Pearl is available in various colours like a golden pearl to white pearl and black pearl to lavender pearl. The white and golden colour of Pearl stone in Delhi is high in demand.
  • Pearl gemstone price is depending upon its size. The higher the size the higher in price.

How to clean Pearl stone

  • Many of us wear synthetic or cultured pearls instead of natural Pearls. That pearl who are available in Delhi is most likely to cultured stones. If you wearing Pearl stone then you must know the guidelines to clean it carefully. Follow below-mentioned tips to clean Moti stone.
  • Cultured or synthetic pearls are delicate and can easily damage without any care.
  • Pearl stones are very soft and fragile and they need special care to ensure long life if their colour and hue.
  • You must clean the dirty pearls with a mild soap. After rubbing the soap in stone, pour water on it.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals on Moti stone to clean. Avoid ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Wipe the Moti stone from a soft damp cloth regularly.

Where to Buy Pearl Stone in Delhi

There are many gem sellers in Delhi who are selling cultured and synthetic Pearl stone in Delhi. If you want to protect yourself from fake Pearl stones in Delhi then you should consider a highly reliable and certified gemstone seller in the industry.

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