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Wear Your Lucky Charm & Bring Good Luck in Life

Lucky Charms are believed to bring good luck. Lucky charm can be used as jewelry article or just kept within vicinity. The Mystical Powers of Luck charms are believed to provide protection against evil powers or any diseases and bring happiness in life. There is a variety of Lucky charms to choose from as per your liking and Purpose. Lucky charms are worn to bring good luck in life. Each Lucky Charm has a different purpose like Good Luck, Wealth, Health, Prosperity and Relationships etc. Some Popular Lucky Charms in India are Shri Yantra, Tortoise or turtle, Kalpavriksha and Natural Crystals.

ShriYantra: ShriYantra is associated with Goddess Lakshmi. Keeping shriyantra at workplace or at the place of worship, brings good luck and fortune. Shri-Yantra is generally made in Natural Stones like- Himalayan Rock Crystal, Jade and Rose Quartz. Transparent Rock Crystal Shree yantra are most popular. Shriyantra removes Vastu-dosh and negative energies.


Tortoise made in natural stones is meant to safeguard against enemies and provide protection against diseases. The Tortoise areconsidered auspicious in Hindu as well as chinese astrology. Tortoise can be kept at the entrance, at the window, at the place of worship or at the work-desk.

Raw Crystals:

Raw crystals of Amethyst, Quartz and Citrine are considered very lucky. Natural Crystals possess enormous energies and make the environment positive if kept in office or at home.


Kalpavriksha is kept for prosperity and attaining success in career. Kalpvriksha is a tree which is made with different types of small healing stones.

Turquoise Stone:

Wearing Turquoise in Bracelet, pendant or ring brings confidence. It helps person to achieve Fame and popularity.

Ganesha idol:

Ganesh idol made in Coral is considered highly effective for removing hurdles of life. It should be kept at the place of Worship or work-desk or at clean place at home, to overcome hurdles in Personal & professional life.

Rose Quartz Stone:

Wearing Rose quartz as Ring, pendant or Bracelet can do wonders in relationship. It is the stone of Romance and intimacy. It is also good for enhancing the attractiveness of the person and to improve the fertility.

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