Kashmir Blue Sapphire Price

Kashmir Blue sapphire has great demand in the market. It is one of the most demanded gemstones by gemstone collectors worldwide. The reason for the popularity is the rarity of Kashmiri sapphires. The Mines in Kashmir are no longer operational. Therefore, freshly mined Kashmiri sapphires are no longer available. There are very few genuine Kashmiri sapphires available in the market. These Kashmiri sapphires are mostly obtained from old jewelry pieces.

The price of a good quality Kashmiri Sapphire starts at Rs 50000/carat. There are inferior qualities available too but that does not belong to the gemstone category. Kashmiri sapphires could have even higher demand if Sri Lankan sapphire was not there. Sri Lankan Sapphires have an edge over Kashmiri Sapphires because of the higher availability of Ceylon sapphires as these Sri Lankan mines are still active.

Secondly, Sri Lankan sapphires are freshly mined pieces whereas Kashmiri sapphire which is available today in the market are mostly used pieces. Astrology strictly prescribes fresh stones for astrological purpose and hence, Kashmiri Sapphires are altogether replaced by fresh un-used Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Sapphires. Sri Lankan sapphires are economically feasible as well. Currently, The sri lankan sapphires are most popular sapphires in the world.

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