How to recognize fake or original Ruby stone?

Dark red to pink colour gemstone is considered as Ruby stone. It is the birthstone of planet Sun and bestows the wearer with astrological benefits related to Sun. Ruby stone in Ghaziabad is an exceedingly valuable gemstone. Ruby is also known as Manikyaratna in Hindi and its structure is cubical.

The dark red colour of Ruby is termed as the highest quality of this stone. But nowadays, various types of techniques and heating process is attempted on stones to make them clearer and brighter in Ghaziabad and all other main cities of India. Artificial gem makers produce synthetic gemstones in their laboratory.

People who are willing to wear this beautiful Ruby stone should know the appropriate tactics to recognize fake and real manikya stone. Here we are presenting some of the process and techniques that help in the difference between fake and original ruby stone. It is said that synthetic Ruby stone is widely available in Ghaziabad, so people belong to this city must know the tactics to acknowledge natural ruby stone.

  • When you keep ruby gemstone in sunlight, it will disperse red rays immediately. But if it does not happen with synthetic or fake ruby gem. Fake ruby stone will spread a low number of red rays when it is kept under the light of the Sun. Gemstone makers in Ghaziabad are eventually prepared fake ruby stones in their laboratories, so must aware about this tact while buying ruby stone in Ghaziabad.
  • If you want to find the quality of Ruby stone then just rub it on a hard object like stone or rock. Ruby is enormously hard stone and in terms of hardness, it is just next to the Diamond stone. Buyers of Ruby stone in Ghaziabad should use this trick to find the quality of the stone.
  • If it’s natural ruby then it is not possible to mark any crack in stone but it did not happen with fake or synthetic stone. When you rub fake ruby stone on the hard object then the stone will easily get cracked or scratched.
  • According to Gemstone guide for a ruby gemstone in Ghaziabad, ruby is shining like the rays of Sun when it is placed in the dark room where no light is. If your Manikya stone glows like Sun in the entire darkroom them it means your stone is natural or original which is very rare in Ghaziabad. This is the definitive proof of the originality of the stone and any layman can check the originality of Ruby stone through this trick.
  • To find out whether ruby is original or not, light heat the milk and put a ruby stone in it. If the colour of milk turns red or red rays of stone extracting in milk then it means that Ruby is original and real. You must check the quality of Ruby stone ring in Ghaziabad before purchasing it.
  • Another best trick to check the quality of Ruby stone, Place Manikya gemstone in front of the mirror at the time of Sunrise. By doing so, if red rays of ruby gemstone beaming down of the mirror then it indicates that Ruby stone is natural, original, valuable and high quality. Ruby stone ring price in Ghaziabad depends upon the quality, colour, origin and tone of the stone.

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