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Plan your life this year with Horoscope 2019. Horoscope reflects the Past, Present & Future. Horoscope shows various Events & Happenings of Life, their cause & affects. Hence Horoscope has answers to all the problems in life & their solutions. Horoscope can tell what is about to happen in future and why will it be happening. Horoscope can tell whether the problem is avoidable or not (Nihit). Some problems arise because of our destiny or Karma while many of the problems & happenings are because of position of various planets in horoscope and their effects. The effect of planets can be changed or modified using Astrological Gemstones. Each planet is associated with some Gemstone as per Indian Vedic astrology. Therefore by analyzing the horoscope, we can change the effects of Planets in our favor with proper remedies & actions. Horoscope or Birthchart is a table with nine houses. In Hindi, Horoscope is called Kundli. Horoscope is also consulted before marriage for Match making. Horoscope Matching gives the compatibility of partners. Horoscope reading can reveal the ways to improve life by eliminating the bad effects of planets and enhancing good effects of planets in life. Our life is largely governed by the position and state of nine astrological planets namely- Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Mercury (Budh), Mars (Mangal), Venus (Shukra), Jupiter (Guru), Saturn (Shani), Rahu and Ketu. All major events in life are based on the position of these planets in Horoscope (which is fixed), their Position at a particular time (Dynamic), their relation with each other and the Dashas of our life. Know the placement and positioning of planets in horoscope 2019, Find out what you should do and what you should avoid doing this year. Horoscope 2019 tells the Precautions & Predictions for the year 2019. Horoscope can show direction about choosing the right Profession & Life Partner. Horoscope indicates about being cautious about unfavorable things /events in life. It also indicates right time of marriage & to start a new venture. Fill details & get your own personalized horoscope. Plan your life with astrological consultation. Plan important events of your life like Marriage, Business, Foreign Travel, Partnership, investments etc during the favorable periods of life to get best results and happy life. Ask for Horoscope 2019 and know how will be year 2019 for you. Get online Horoscope, Astrological Consultation & Gemstone Recommendation at Shubh Gems.

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